DLC worth getting?

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I only just recently finished the game proper, and am wondering if the DLC is worth investing in. The series has been kind of hit and miss for DLC, when it's on it's really on (Lair of the Shadow Broker), but it's not always up to that standard (the second ME1 DLC, cough cough). Is the DLC for this game up to the standards of the ME2 DLC, or even if not, still worth getting? I already have From Ashes, so it'd just be Leviathan and Omega (I think those are the only other ones, right?).

Curious to see what everyone else thinks.

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Omega was not worth it. But I keep hearing(from Vinny, actually) that Leviathan is pretty good. Moreover, Leviathan is 10 dollars whereas Omega is 15 so I recommend getting Leviathan over Omega. "From Ashes" is a MUST

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Leviathan is neat but From Ashes is the only one I can't see myself doing without.

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I liked both of them. I'd recommend Leviathan for sure. Omega, although I liked it, could really be skipped over. Or at least grab it when/if it goes on sale one day.

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Javik provides a ton of insight. The extra mission is rather ho-hum, really. But if you're a lore nerd, it's cool.

Haven't gotten to Leviathan yet (I want to pick up a few more squadmates in my current playthrough before I start it).

Omega is a mixed bag. I like Aria and the whole "A #1 Duke of New York" vibe I get from her, so it's enjoyable to have her along. She's pretty OP too. She has two new abilities: Flare and Lash. The former is the most powerful ability in the game. It's the biotic artillery strike the kids in Grissom Academy were aspiring to. Playing on hardcore, I really found Omega to be ridiculously easy. It probably has much to do with Aria being such a beast, but still. I'd like to be challenged more. And that other certain female character that was hyped so much? She's really not around all that much. But I did like how they handled the main villain at the end. Made me think of "Lord Darius" from the first game.

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I finished the game months ago when it came out and recently picked up Leviathan at half-price. Really nice to revisit the ME story world. I can't say it's as entertaining as Overlord or Shadow Broker from ME2 but it does provide some interesting history on the Reapers and asks some pretty big questions. Gameplay-wise there is some great action set pieces and a clunky but short mech section. Definitely worth picking up if you're eager to explore the ME lore even further.

Can't speak for Omega but I will pick it up down the track.

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Haven't played Leviathan yet but I really enjoyed Omega. My second favorite DLC after Shadow Broker. It has some cheesy moments and is pretty combat heavy but I like the insight you get about Aria and her relationship with Omega and it's people.

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Leviathan is the best in terms of gameplay, IMO. But Ashes to Ashes adds the most worthwhile content for the rest of the game after the mission pack is complete. (another crew member) However, the mission itself is the shortest and the most boring.

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Leviathan was pretty fun, and if you care about the Mass Effect universe you Do get some cool payoff at the very end.

I played Omega almost immediately after playing Leviathan and it was not as much fun :/

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I really would like to see From Ashes. I rolled with Kaidan and Garrus in Mass Effect, then Garrus/Mordin/Legion in 2 - it seems like "male alien with cool voice and minimal craziness" is the archetype I go for. I'm not sure if it's worth the price, though... I usually buy games on the cheap (I got this for 7.50 GBP, or around $12 American), so I'd be paying almost the full price of the actual game for this piece of DLC. Does having From Ashes really improve the rest of the game that much?

EDIT: Same question for Leviathan.

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