Headset problem!?

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so i just got internet for my ps3 and i went out and bought a bluetooth headset. I followed all the directions in setting it up, did that. Went on the net and was playing my game and i could hear some people talking but they couldnt hear me then later i couldnt hear anything at all.. sometimes it would beep but thats all. If anyone could help me id appreciate it?!!

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Did you charge the headset?
EDIT: If it was beeping, it means you pressed the giant mute button on the side of the headset. Press it again to make sure it doesn't beep. When it beeps it's muted.

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Sounds like an issue with how it is paired. Is this the official Sony headset? Also, make sure to check in your accessory settings. It may be an issue with audio out not being set to your headset.

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