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Posted by AMyggen

@kylebsure: First 20-ish minutes are off topic talk though, the satellite radio talk in the beginning was pretty great.

Posted by civid

@amyggen said:

Man I need to start listening to his Mixlr again, cause this stuff is just... Wow.

Posted by Humanity

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I almost feel scared to admit it here, but I really like Destiny. It feels good to get that off my chest.



What are you talking about friend? I'm just a fellow games player enjoying Destiny™ from Activision™ and Bungie™ available now for only $59.99. Make sure you pick up the "Expansion Pass"™ and "Embrace your Destiny!"™.

Since you put it that way I can't wait to buy it!

Posted by FaceWas

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@brad I think the Japanese bathtub question guy might be talking about something he heard on the 8-4 podcast. There was definitely a conversation on Japanese bathtub culture in a fairly recent episode (within the last couple of months). I feel like maybe Marc McDonald or someone else mentioned a Netflix doc on the subject? Don't know if that memory has been implanted due to the question or is real.

Yeah, I think you're right. Mark listens to the Bombcast, so maybe he can help with an email or something!

Just to confirm this again, 8-4 have been talking about this subject fairly recently.

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Let me get this straight. It took Dan until he was 25 to try Ketchup, but he jumps out of a plane on a yearly basis. WHAT ARE YOU DAN RYCKERT!!!!

Posted by Wlleiotl

Interesting that Jeff thinks people have reacted well to the lukewarm reviews of Destiny, I feel like the moaning hasn't stopped since the review. There's nothing wrong with enjoying a game that isn't a masterpiece.