Brownie Brown Creates "London Life" RPG Mode For Layton

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The latest DS installment in Japan, The Devil's Flute [-haha] will see the inclusion of a "100 hr RPG" into the game called, "London Life", What makes this special is that the mode has been developed by Brownie Brown the Mother 3 people. 
  London Life is an RPG which offers players the chance to experience life in London. You take control of your own avatar and attempt to bring happiness to people by clearing quests.
London Life
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The style alone of this just screams Earthbound. Looking foreward to playing this however considering that the second game in the series just released outside of Japan and this will be the 4th game in the series i do wonder when I'll be able to play it.

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It looks awesome, very Earthboundy like you say, and set in London too. 
 I never thought I would see London in depicted in a Earthbound style :D

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