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I want cheat codes back.

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Drank a bunch of 151, popped a bunch of Percs and partied because I was recovering from knee surgery and it was New years and I felt like having a good time.

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That guy has nothing on Everything is Terrible. They collected over 8,000 copies of Jerry Maguire.

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Giantbomb as I view it isn't really a site about "reviewing" games as much as other sites are concerned with it. Yes, they do post critical pieces regarding their views on games but if you look at the frequency of those it's really only the major titles. I see the reviews as a nice side dish to the main course that is quick looks, which honestly is the best review anyone can give, having someone competent thats not "Brad at games" play the game and you as the viewer form your own opinion from watching a bevy of goofballs putz around on camera. That's the beauty of it. I don't want a review of an old ass pc game I want Dave and Vinny and Drew to mess around with it. Similarly, I don't want a review of newer games I just wanna see Vinny break it.

I hate review scores for games anyway.

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I love this game because it's a video game that accepts its a fucking video game and runs with it. I am so tired with this medium where you can literally do anything make any rules for the world and do anything and the prevailing notion across games is to capture realism. I already exist in reality. Video games should go more crazy. Why can't my character jump into the sky or run super fast. It's the same notion as people who pick humans in fantasy rpgs. Fuck your extra feat go wild.

That being said I hope there's more of these or rather more exercises in playing with the idea that video games don't need restrictions.

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EA does a better job at killing video games than any journalist did.

Also, I tune out every-time someone mentions IGN, it's like Fox News nothing ever good comes from it.

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First and foremost pay off my school loans. Then I would buy a small parcel of land somewhere and build a Hobbit style house so I can have a little getaway to write books and comic books at.

And then I would relax.

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I miss the song and the production values with crazy editing. That stuff made Giantbomb a cut above the rest for me. I mean the last unpro where they just played with the tricaster was a helluva lot more fun than most of the content they've been putting up. Don't get me wrong I enjoy it all but theres some potential to be even more awesome that I yearn for. That and watching Brad be brad at games.