Favorites on the System: SNES

Hey duders I have decided to give a rundown of my favorite games on the systems I have owned. I will start with the first console I ever owned, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. I actually remember a lot about when I got it. I had been asking my parents to buy me a Nintendo 64 so that I could play that new Banjo-Kazooie game that looked so neat. However, when we got to the Target, the worker convinced my parents that the Super Nintendo was a better system because it was cheaper, had more games, and came with Super Mario All-Stars for free. So they ended up buying me that instead. To this day I am not sure if the worker said that because his manager wanted him to clear the old inventory or if it was because he legitimately thought it was a better system. Either way, I am thankful to him because I was able to play some amazing games that were before my time. The following were (are) my top five favorite games on the SNES.

I had the cooler looking SNES.

Note: In total I owned six SNES games. The game that did not make the list was Space Invaders. It was neat and I played it quite it bit but I did not like it as much as the other games. Other big games like Power Rangers I played at the homes of friends or relatives but I have decided not to include those games because I never spent much time with them.

Also I have not gone back and played any of these games (nor have I looked up footage of them). Everything I have written is based off of my own memory of the games. If I am remembering something completely wrong then by all means feel free to correct me.

5. Michael Jordan: Chaos in the Windy City

I honestly do not remember where or why I got this game. If I had to guess it was probably because Michael Jordan was all the rage what with him being a living legend and movie star so I saw a game about him and could not resist. This game starred Michael Jordan fighting monsters with basketballs. I remember having a lot of fun with this game despite never making it very far. The story was told in a comic book like way which was neat because comics are neat. There were all sorts of special balls you could use like fire balls or ice balls or even this silver ball. You would throw these at bad guys while looking for keys to move forward, all while underground. This game is bananas. I would eventually reach a point where I could no longer keep going because I didn't have the key and so I would simply start all over again. Also, call me crazy but I am pretty sure that this game was the inspiration for that one Backstreet Boy action figure from Burger King. Shaq-Fu has nothing this game.

4. Donkey Kong Country

This one was a gift from an uncle. Before I had a SNES I used to love playing this at his house and one day after I had gotten my system he gave it to me. Once again this is another game in which I never made it very far but I still loved every second. Getting to ride on the animals was the best! I remember there was the rhino in the first level and then later on there was a water level with that neat swordfish. I am pretty sure I made it to the second section/world and then I got stuck shortly after passing this really tough mine cart level. The levels looked beautiful and blasting through barrels and trying (but very rarely succeeding) to get all of the letters was great. I always loved the aesthetic and the score in this game. To this day whenever I think of this game I can't help but hear the underwater song in my head. I also loved the monkey noise it would make when you hand slap between Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong. Hell even the sound that the bananas make when you collect them was fantastic and memorable.

3. Scooby-Doo Mystery

I loved Scooby-Doo as a kid. You cannot imagine the excitement I had when I saw a Scooby-Doo game at the Toys "R" Us. I brought it home and then after starting it up I was too scared to play. For the entire time I owned my Super Nintendo I was always too scared to play this game by myself. Luckily, I had an older sister and so we would play through the game together. It was a basic side scroller where you would go around looking for clues to solve the mystery. The main weapons you had were fish and a wagon that you would have to go pick up after throwing (rolling) every time. I know I completed the first level using dynamite and some other stuff but the details after that are extremely fuzzy. That said I do remember having a ton of fun with it. There was also a carnival at some point and I also remember walking on the top of a ship mast. By my memory this was a thoroughly enjoyable licensed game that did justice to the show and the characters.

2. Super Mario All-Stars

This is the game that was included with the SNES my parents bought me and thus was the very first video game I could call my own. I never passed any of the games included in this collection but I remember making it pretty far in both Super Mario Bros. and in The Lost Levels. The difficulty started to be too much for me shortly after the snow levels and thus I never made it any further than that. Also fuck those floating squids that appear early on in The Lost Levels. Those two were my favorites with Super Mario Bros. 2 coming in after that. I loved being able to pick different characters and feeling like the cleverest kid in the world when I found a way to fight Birdo early using Luigi (or maybe it was Peach?). Anyway, once again I never came close to passing it. I made it shortly past the part where you fight the mouse boss. Super Mario Bros. 3 was by far my least favorite of the bunch. As much as I loved the world, the power-ups, and the mini games I just felt it was too hard and too punishing. I never made it past the third world. This game still holds a special place in my heart for being my very first video game.

1. Super Mario World

If my memory serves me correctly this was the very last SNES game I ever got. I got it at a Best Buy and holy cow was this game amazing. Flying around with the cape and finding secrets that were located all over the place was a blast. Then there were the colored buttons to push and the keys that would take you to secret areas. I had a cousin who also loved this game and he was the one who showed me how to get into Star Road (by flying up in the first ghost mansion right?). Finding those colored Yoshi's was one of the most mind blowing things my young mind had seen with my favorite being the blue one that could fly followed by the yellow one that would stomp. This is the only SNES game in which I beat the final boss and got to see the credits (although I never passed all the levels, I used Star Road to skip to the end). Although I was able to complete Star Road, I was never able to pass the second Special stage. To this day I firmly believe that Super Mario World is the best Mario game. This is platforming at its finest and easily one of my favorite games of all time.

So what was your duders first console? Did you ever own a Super Nintendo? If so what were your favorite games? If not then were you ever able to play some of these classic greats later?

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Donkey Kong Country was the first console game I ever played. However, the real nostalgia kicker is DKC2 for me. If you liked the old one and never played that one, then you should really play DKC2. It holds up better than the other two. It also has a slightly better soundtrack. And I've been playing the new Donkey Kong Country. It's doing a good job of showing me new stuff and playing on my nostalgia. I fucking love it.

But my two favorite games that were on the SNES were Super Metroid and Chrono Trigger, the latter of which I didn't actually play until the DS re-release. Both of them are absolute must plays in my opinion, truly brilliant from top to bottom in nearly every way imaginable and proof that new developers can definitely learn from old games.

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My first console was an Atari 2600, followed by the NES and so on.

Some of my favorites, aside from the obvious Super Mario World, would be F-Zero, Contra III, Street Fighter II, Final Fight, and Star Fox.

A friend recently brought over a SNES he'd found at a yardsale with a bunch of games. Among them was Star Fox. That game still holds up. It's fucking great. I seriously had more fun with it than most new games I've played recently. I still can remember playing Star Fox at my friend's house when I was a kid. I would've been 11. One person would sit at the end of the bed and he would be playing. Everyone else would sit behind the "pilot" and when the he did a barrel role or got hit, everyone would yell and thrash around like we were passengers in the ship. What a bunch of dorks.

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Both of them are truly brilliant from top to bottom in nearly every way imaginable

Super Metroid? Probably (it's been a while since I've touched it). Chrono Trigger? Debatable.

On topic, though, I remember playing Michael Jordan for a blog about it alongside Shaq Fu because how could two fantasy non-sports games about sports icons exist at the same time? Anyway, from what I remember, it's actually pretty good. Less Shaq Fu and more respectable.

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My first console was the Super Nintendo also, I got it the Christmas of 1992. Wasn't really into video games as I was only 6 at the time, but not long before that, we had gone to a kids birthday party, some friend of hers. The kids there were playing some video game but wouldn't let me play. My mom got so pissed she went out and just got me whatever they told her was the newest thing. Came with 2 controllers and Super Mario World which to this day, i think is the best video game of all time.

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I take it you didn't have A Link to the Past? That would always be top, or if you had friends around Bomberman and Mario Kart, possibly.

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Damn Space Invaders must feel pretty shitty about itself to not be on this list.

as for your other Questions

  • NES
  • Yes
  • Off the top of my head- Final Fantasy III (Vi), Link to The Past, Super Mario World, Street Fighter II: World Warrior, Mortal Kombat II, Final Fantasy IV, Chrono Trigger,F-Zero, Super Mario Kart, Super Metroid, Donkey Kong Country, Legend of Gaia

there's a a lot of SNES games on my to play list (like Actraiser) that system was bangin' with awesome titles that I'm not sure Nintendo has ever completely duplicated.

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The SNES was cool as shit. My brother had a Sega Genesis at the time, and we would argue about which one was better. Console Warzzzz... Damn, that was like twenty years ago.

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Cooler looking... more like FOOLER looking.. burrrrrnnnnnloooooolllll

I still have my launch day SNES, and many original-boxed cartridges, but the games I played at launch, namely Super Mario World and LTTP are not ones. Long since traded those in to buy other things, ah teenage life.

Your game selection is both bizarre and yet oddly representative of the catalogue.

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People may doubt that Scooby-Doo is a fun game, but it is indeed a fun game. I only recently started playing it and I have been enjoying it quite a lot.

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At least you didn't fuck up the number 1 slot.

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1. Chrono Trigger

2. Chrono Trigger

3. Chrono Trigger

4. A Link to the Past

5. Chrono Trigger

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Oh yeah that sweet, sweet classic, Michael Jordan: Chaos In the Windy City. Oh and no mention of Chrono Trigger or Link to the Past (as Enigma mentioned)? Great. Awesome. Fuck. Darth. Fuck.