Major game protagonists with less character than the tall, depressed kid from Psychonauts

This is a list of shame - your game having an entry here means that your main character, in a title released by a major studio, has less depth and dimension than Clem Foote, the tall and depressed kid from Psychonauts. For some reason your studio has seen fit to pour thousands, if not millions of dollars, and an obscene amount of man-hours into a game where the protagonist, the main connection between the player and the setting, nonetheless has less personality than this one bit character from a platform game who has maybe 15 minutes of screen time. Clem Foote tries to cover up his deep-seated loneliness and outcast status with a facade of cheerfulness, to the point where he does cheerleading, and a touching but desperate friendship with Crystal Flowers Snagrash. He and Crystal have a character arc playing out in the three or four occasions where you run into them where they go from awkwardly enthusiastic through guardedly distant to suicidal resignation. All of this in less than a quarter of an hour that you spend in their company. The characters listed below have nothing.

To qualify the character needs to be named and be involved in the events of the story in some significant way - it would be too cheap for me to add someone like the Doomguy on here. The game should also be a retail release by a major studio, with single exceptions if the game has a high enough profile and you could expect the characterisation to be better (I'm looking at you, Braid).

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Posted by Deusoma

Well, if you're going to list silent protagonists like Alcatraz and Tim, then you missed Gordon Freeman, Link, and about 107 other characters listed on the "Silent Protagonist" database page, minus the ones also listed on "Silent Protagonists Who Talk In Sequels", of course. :-)