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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…


Because that’s how all beginnings should start. Ok yes it is I. Jack, Iskandar or whatever you want to call me. Either way, I am the same person.

The nerd in me is  held up by a few pillars, the biggest pillar being video games. It all started as fun hobby playing old PC games like “Age of Empires”, “Quake” and this fun Space dog fighting simulation which I forgot the title of, and of course some other casual games. At around the same time, my brother had a SEGA console and if I’m not wrong it was a SEGA Genesis (what a perfect name) system which kick-start everything. It was also the start of the Soccer game rivalry between me and my brother which lasts till this day.

Years passed and all of sudden I have a Playstation, I began playing all sorts of games such as Monster Rancher, Final Fantasy IX or Digimon Rumble Arena. This part of my console evolution was pretty minor as I was still a young newbie.

Now probably the most influential period yet would be the time I got my Playstation 2 and my Gameboy Advance. I have put so much time in playing games in it that I broke 2 Playstation 2s apparently because I played it for too long and burnt out the lens the actually read the discs. Epic game franchises such as Grand Theft Auto, Metal Gear Solid, God of War, Devil May Cry, Final Fantasy and even Megaman (yes that little blue robot guy with a cannon for one arm) all had something to do with being what I am today.

Now I’m enjoying my time with my moder effing awesome Playstation 3, which I spent almost $2000 on.(taking games into consideration) It is also one of the reasons I refuse to leave my part-time job(to cushion my addiction). I regularly spend a few hours on it no matter what, whether I am wandering the Capital Wasteland or going toe to toe with Mike Tyson. I simply feel a lot more comfortable in my PS3 than in the real world, a better reality which is ruled by Circle, Square, X, Triangle, R1, R2,L2,L1, Start, Select and analog sticks.

Other stuff like star wars, comic books left me really strong with the force and looking up to heroes like peter parker and the other guys. I won’t really say anything more as this is getting way too long and out of hand.

Either way I will be always in the middle of the constant struggle between the forces of Good, Evil and Neutral.