DLC's First?

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im in the middle of dling RE5 and the DLCs, but im a little confused. are the dlc's prequals and if so should i play them before or after i play the actual game    
#2 Posted by JJOR64 (19567 posts) -

Play the main game first, then play the DLC episodes.  A little warning, you can't save when playing the DLC episodes.

#3 Posted by DH69 (71 posts) -

ok i got a few more question, compared to RE4 how "scary" and long is this game?  
is there a new game+ like there was in RE4 

and i was one of the people immensly pissed off at capcom for punking out to the pressure they came under for the "racist" stuff. will i come to forgive them throughout this game? or will i still question how its racist to put black people in africa.

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