Rock Band Network compatability

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Can anyone offer me any help on this? 
I own Rock Band (the first one!).  The Rock Band Network can't be opened in that, only in Rock Band 2.  If I borrow Rock Band 2 from a friend and buy a couple of tracks from RBN, will they work on my copy of Rock Band?  I'd hate to spend the money and then not be able to use them... 
Thanks in advance for any help!  I'd go to and ask on their forums, but Giant Bomb people are always nice.

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Yeah they'll work. The songs you buy will be compatible with both Rock Band 1 & 2. You know is it me or does every time you go into the Rock Band store it kicks you out while your looking at the songs.

#3 Posted by bibamatt (1090 posts) -

I wouldn't know about being kicked out, because I can't bloody get on it in Rock Band 1.  :D

#4 Posted by Timma1083 (566 posts) -

I don't know where ch13696 got his information, but Rock Band Network songs DO NOT work with Rock Band 1. Here's a quote from a developer to prove it, see point 4

#5 Posted by bibamatt (1090 posts) -

Thanks Timma.  
And screw you, Ch1396!  ;-)

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RBN only has a few good songs on it 
Seether- Remedy 
Drowning Pool- Bodies 
The rest are meh

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