What are the essential graphics mods for this game?

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So after playing a little of ESO i was reminded how great Skyrim is, and whilst i completed it on 360 i never played the PC version.

I'm just about to jump in but wanted to know what are the must have graphics mods for the game?

I just had a quick browse of the community hub on steam and there seem to be pages and pages of them.

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Realistic lighting looks great. Also get the HD texture pack from Steam, or an HD texture pack from somewhere. The game looks fine without it but you might as well get it if you're playing on PC.

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You're going to get a million recommendations and the thing is...they're all correct!

it depends really on your machine but I personally like using only 3-4 mods max and only ones that increase foliage and tweak lighting, color and draw distance.

You can make Skyrim in to a crazy person playground with Transformers running around chasing Spiderman. However, the core game is damn good so I didn't want any mods that added any content, objects or geometry to the game that the original developers didn't make.

Also Skyrim has no end. The game was made with a proprietary algorithm that constantly generates new content infinitely forever and no matter how many quests you do there are more, and there are more places to find. And you just keep leveling up. I've put like 300+ hours in to this shit and I'm only level 39.


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This site has all the best/most popular mods sorted by category. I hope it helps.

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Thanks for all the recommendations guys. Going to check them out.

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