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Classy video title description Klepek

Posted by Y2Ken

That's an awful lot of Patricks. I'm not sure I'm ready.

Edited by csl316

Just in time for my daily Spelunky run.

This game kicked ass. World 4 is when shit gets... rowdy.

Posted by ottoman673

Please, let this be the return of daily content

Posted by Naoiko

This game looks awesome and brutal at the same time.

Posted by ripelivejam

this seemed inevitable

Posted by Botaro

Recipe for insanity indeed. You get angry at the game because you're unable to stop playing... and dying.

Posted by Jimbo7676

Ahhhhh sweet, sweet content... It's been a dry spell but I can't blame you guys.

Posted by capnahav

Content! Yum.

Posted by HerbieBug

Oh splendid! I was hoping Patrick would play this game for a bit on video. :D

Posted by ttcfcl

difficulty for the sake of difficulty is the worst. "woops, you didn't perfectly memorize this incredibly complex chain of events and were off by a pixel. you lose start over"

sorry patrick, won't be watching these.

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Posted by divergence

I've been playing a lot of this recently and really love it. But man, I'm into the later fire world levels and it's starting to break me. I'm going to keep trucking but I'm having doubts I'll beat all the levels

Posted by xite

That shit clay.

Posted by Jackist

Nice timing, I've almost beat the game and you are now trying it.

Posted by csl316

I've been playing a lot of this recently and really love it. But man, I'm into the later fire world levels and it's starting to break me. I'm going to keep trucking but I'm having doubts I'll beat all the levels

Same place where it started to get me. I was well above 1,000 lives for a while, came back one day, and man... it really does get rough.

I like my difficult games, don't get me wrong, but this one's up there with ilomilo (one of the few games that defeated me).

Posted by wonderva

Thanks @patrickklepek, I always appreciate you taking your time to upload content. Hopefully this becomes a daily thing, Spelunkin with Scoops was one of the top content features this site ever had.

Edited by Kiruvi

"Spikin' With Scoops?"
My favorite part of this game is that it costs 1001 cents on the Nintendo eShop.

Posted by Faythdream10

You are dead. :jeff

Posted by csl316

Congrats, @patrickklepek. That last level you finished is the hardest in the game.

No it isn't.

Also, anyone else think that world 3 music is absolutely amazing? Not only is it brilliantly composed, but it matches so well with that background in this style of game. Beginning fits with the waterfalls, then it gets ominous and melancholy while matching the struggle of the protagonist. It's just perfect for the aesthetic of that world.

Honestly, one of the best 2D platformer songs since Bletus Blues in Super Meat Boy (despite its brevity). I think so, anyway.

Posted by BeachThunder

Punishing Patrick.

Was this live? If so, :(

Posted by Junkboy0

Patrick's homicidal laughter warms my heart. :)

Posted by kawiji

Oh my god yes.

Edited by SpunkyHePanda

I find the constant analysis of the game design to be a bit much sometimes, but this is still fun.

@kiruvi said:

"Spikin' With Scoops?"

Well now, how could this not be called that?

Posted by impartialgecko

I love how Patrick starts off collected and analytical and then inevitably falls apart.

Posted by Dancinsolo

This game looks no fun at all. Painful to watch. Get MK8 out and play some of that. That's easier on the soul.

Posted by Pfhorlol

I was so proud I finished the main set of levels with all of the skulls but then the Arctic world after that is harder than real life.

I have to defeat it.

Posted by JoeyRavn

Isn't getting mad at video games exactly what E3 is about?

Anyway, glad to see there's new content after the massive E3 dump (pun intended). And Patrick's starting a new series, which makes it even better!

Posted by ShotgunLincoln

I have a feeling I'm going to love this.

Posted by mrfluke

oh my god he's actually doing this game daily. this is going to be amazing

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Spikedurance Run Go!

Edited by Mercury45

Can we title this Spiking With Scoops? Gotta keep the pattern going, man.

...dammit, someone beat me to it. Throwing my support behind the idea regardless.

Posted by TurboMan

The big question is whether or not Patrick plans to play after the boss.

Edited by CitizenJP

Lolz why would you do this to yourself, Patrick? There's sooo many spikes, man. :/

Posted by iceman228433

this game is so stressful to watch.

Posted by ginja_ninja

The 1001 struggles are real.

Posted by defcomm

Well, good luck!

Posted by TurboMan

Patrick made the last bit of 3-4 so much harder than it needed it to be :D.

Posted by ripelivejam

how many flushes though?

Posted by MEATBALL

I was about to say I wish Patrick would play a story-based game for this sort of feature, but then I remembered 1001 Spikes does have a story. :P

Anyway, I enjoyed watching Brad play 1001 Spikes during the quick look, so I'm sure this'll be a fun watch. (Though with the PAL release still months off I'm not sure if I should watch or not)

Posted by Corvak


But I mostly blame some of the hiatus on the fact that they have hired the worst movers ever. Five days to move a truck from LA to SF? Yeesh.

Posted by Bboboo

Can't wait to see speed runs of this.

Posted by Bwampo

This is so painful to watch when you know exactly when Patrick will die and have no way to tell him.

Edited by HammondofTexas

You are dead.

Posted by JHebbel

Please get a gate for your mic, the constant yelling at 10x the volume of your normal commentary is extremely annoying.

Posted by PresidentOfJellybeans

Giant Bomb Chicago comin through with content this week! Thanks Patrick!

Posted by Thiago123

Was interested in this game, and was excited when Patrick decided to do a series so that I could play a long...but 20 mins in I'm not so sure I could handle the frustration haha...and only in World 2

Posted by BirthWild

maybe a little less dark souls, and a little more Super Meat Boy?

Posted by Pilzi

I love this game SO much. So glad to have finished it. Keep trying Patrick!

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