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Posted by eroticfishcake

I totally forgot Bioshock 2 was in production.

Posted by Begemot

Huh. So someone gets the Suit and becomes unstopable?

Posted by Damien

Am I the only one that is actually looking forward to Bioshock 2, even if it might be a huge letdown?

Posted by The_Philosopher

This doesn't look so hot...

Posted by Scooper

That looked aweful.

Posted by Seijur0


Posted by Ninjakid7396


Posted by wrecks

BigDaddy mode looks kinda interesting.... Let's hope they focused more on creating solid single player adventure that keeps up with the original.

Posted by Steve_Ramirez

its like a bad tf2 with magic

Posted by thecleric

I guess it could be good.. but looks real basic.
Bioshock 2 doesn't NEED multiplayer, it'll go the way of Darkness where an awesome game is dragged down by its forced multiplayer.

Posted by chipmaga

@thecleric, i completely agree, bioshock is awesome in singleplayer, i dont think i ever met someone who played the game and said, "man this game needs online multiplayer". 

Posted by Scottish_Sin

Eh, looks alright.

Posted by HarrySound

Is this Bioshock or Fallout?
Posted by Babble

This trailer just makes me feel more strongly that Bioshock 2 doesn't need multiplayer, from this it just feels forced and tacked on.

Posted by DerekDanahy

Could be alright.

Posted by Laticsfan

This looks bad, personally I like more of a tactical multiplayer, rather than the runnning around spray and pray this seems to be promoting.

Posted by Afroman269

No I don't like the sound of that seeing on how being Big Daddy is like god mode. I want to see single player. I could care less about multiplayer.

Posted by ApertureSilence


Posted by JacobForrest
@Damien: No. It's still my most anticipated game in development. I have to say, though, the multiplayer looks a bit messy. The singleplayer still looks amazing, so I'm rooting for that.
Posted by Dynamitekyle


Posted by Ventilator

That's it. 
Not going to buy this.
 Loved the original by the way.

Posted by KimFidler

Wow this looks stupid.  haha

Posted by Turtlemayor333

And....my expectations continue to plummet. I know about the delay but honestly I could have done without BioShock 2 for another four or five years. 
Everything about this game makes me picture the developers as puppets on strings being totally manipulated by business suits. You could say that's a common thing and I'm just being hard on this game, but the effect is amplified because the first game didn't feel this way at all. Never thought I'd say this considering how much I loved BioShock but this is really looking like a pass.

Posted by toadstule

Looks like a typical multiplayer mode. Still hoping the single-player campaign will be very good.

Posted by SuperSambo

Looks... crap.
I realise that this opinion cannot be valid as I havent played it, but this is meant to advertise the game?

Posted by Th3dz

big meh on this one... reminds me of time splitters somehow, seems clumsy.

Posted by Derios


Posted by Jimbo
@HarrySound said:
" Is this Bioshock or Fallout? "
My thoughts exactly.
Posted by momentarylogic

I think I feel my arm going numb... and the side of my face.
Posted by akumous

What made Bioshock such an amazing game was the story, setting or environment, and the narrative not the shooting..They're focusing on the wrong elements of Bioshock..

Posted by Disclaim3r

Yeah, this isn't looking so hot...

Posted by phlegms

Totally thought I was watching a Fallout 3 clip at the beginning there...

Posted by coolfurby

Doesn't look appealing at all.

Posted by BD_Mr_Bubbles
@Damien said:
"Am I the only one that is actually looking forward to Bioshock 2, even if it might be a huge letdown? "

no your not the only one
Posted by Deusoma

I actually thought it looked good, with the exception of the Splicer performing what appeared to be a Big Daddy charge (at about 50 seconds in), that was kind of stupid. 
Ironically, despite me being the only person in these comments who seems to like it, I don't really play multiplayer games, so I wouldn't have ended up playing this mode either way.

Posted by LaszloKovacs

Well, this looks like a big, unbalanced mess! 
I don't see why 2K is pushing the multiplayer for a primarily single-player game. Then again, I'm not actually sure why they're making a sequel in the first place.

Posted by Musicom

Who's going to play this with all the other great multiplayer games it has to compete with?

Posted by Turtlefuzz

Not loving this trailer. It seems like a decent diversion. But I hope they keep the single player the main focus of the game.

Posted by ahoodedfigure

I wonder about how they regulate powers per match, and what choice of avatars you get.
I assume the Rosy pops up sort of like the monsters in Left 4 Dead, where you get to hop into the pilot's seat once in a while.

Posted by Besetment

This is not the trailer Bioshock 2 needed.

Posted by RHCPfan24

I can't say I want to play Bioshock for multiplayer. Still, I still have hopes for the single player.

Posted by Gunner612

looks pretty good.. I don't understand a lot of the hate people have for this game already.

Posted by Rowr

the way the characters move is like doom 2

Posted by Reverseface

Well this looks very SPLASHY SPLASH SPLASH
Posted by Ratfoot
@Gunner said:
" looks pretty good.. I don't understand a lot of the hate people have for this game already. "
Because it is the utter opposite of everything Bioshock 1 stood for.
Posted by Zuul

I'm just ignoring the fact that there is even a multiplayer for Bioshock 2

Posted by Gunner612
How so? We havn't even seen the single player yet apart from a small one minute scene, the multiplayer is just an add on top of the single player.
I dont even think the original "stood" for anything, it was just a really good FPS.
Posted by MadeinFinland

it's bioshock, so it's damn sweet (fingers crossed)

Posted by Milkman

Still not happy about this.

Posted by SimpleCRIPPLE

Scrap multi and please just put the extra bodies on making the single player awesome. Bioshock doesn't need multi-player. And looking at that trailer...well i hope the single player doesn't suck.

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