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yay? EDIT: Extreme range sniper rifle and double barreled shotgun? If the shotgun is really powerful, like for example the Doom 2 shotgun, then that is pretty alright. Problem is that they don't tell anything about the weapons and how they fit with the rest of the game :S

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Deus Ex is my favorite game of all time, and these pre-order bonuses fail to entice me.

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Already preorded, I only with it came with sunglasses

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@TheVideoHustler: Agreed.
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 Sigh... when will they stopping cutting content from games for stupid shit like this...

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Now, if the pre-order bonuses were versions of the guns from the first game, that might be worth a look but a double barrel shotgun seems more at home in a doom 2 or redneck rampage than in a futuristic dystopia

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In-game money? That just seems lazy.

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@crusader8463: They're not cutting stuff out - these days they design and make levels, weapons, quests, etc. specifically for pre-order incentives and post release DLC. So the content isn't being cut out - its entire inception was purely to serve as their pre-order exclusive... Which is still bullshit. 
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Pay for advantages that ruin the difficulty of the game early on? 
No thanks.

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@ComradeKhan:  It's content that we used to get in the game, but that they are now cutting out from the game and instead locking it behind pre-order shit.
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@crusader8463: Yeah i know, i agree with you. I'm just saying that now that pre-order bonuses are the norm they most likely made some extra weapons just for pre-order.
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@ComradeKhan:  That's my point. They are not finished with the game then sitting down and saying "Ok guys. Let's make some pre-order DLC!" They are making their game then sitting down and saying "Ok guys, what can we cut from the game to use as pre-order DLC that won't completly fuck up the balancing?"
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Man, I really hope this will be at least half as good as the first one.

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How "extreme" is "extreme range"? That video made it look like less than half the length of a football field. The regular sniper rifle from the first was longer range than that.

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Alright! more stuff that should be already in the game.

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i hate when double barrel shotguns only shoot both barrels and effectively only have one shot like this and in fallout