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Posted by Guyzea

:fart he he he

Posted by JakeLogan

YEAURUHS! Bringing back the four-fingered Abe!

Posted by aintglorifyinnathan

Oddworld: now with original soundtrack by Evanescence.

Posted by JonnyAshley

I have no idea why they would show a trailer of the cinematics, having seen how good the game looks in motion.

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"Looks Hot"

Would really like an actually new Oddworld game rather than all these remakes.

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Weirdly dramatic choice of music for a game like Oddworld, but I ain't complainin'. Bring on Rupture Farms! (that I may discover that I'm still horrible at the first two games, and get stuck exactly where I did way back when)

Posted by JackSukeru

This trailer was a little...odd. Weird choice of music, mostly the lyrics seem kind of unfitting.

I also would have prefered to get an update on the gameplay as what I've seen earlier has left me a little worried that it will feel sluggish, though some interviews have also assured me that quality is a main concern for the developers so perhaps holding off on showing more of it for now is not a big deal.

Posted by VierasTalo

This song is such a horrible choice.

Posted by WSGEXE

Hilariously terrible song choice.

Posted by Lazyaza

That song couldn't have been more out of place. Still, so hyped to play this.

Posted by razatron

I actually loved the song choice, and this is coming from a guy that bought the original games at launch.

Posted by neckface

Looking forwards to checking this out, but holy hell that music was fucking awful

Posted by Nerolus

Just about any song would have been as good as or better than this one for this game.

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So, is this a remake or a new game?

Posted by Rickman33

The music made me want to repeatedly smash my face with my computer monitor. Oh, and then gouge out my ears with a screwdriver. Terrible! And, to add, it definitely does not fit the mood of the game. Did I mention how horrible the song was?