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This is just embarrassing next to the witcher

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Premiere Content First on Xbox One.... Vomit.

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This is just embarrassing next to the witcher

Yeah, but it'll probably be origin exclusive, so most people won't see it anyway

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This is just embarrassing next to the witcher

Why? They look like completely different types of games.

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This is just embarrassing next to the witcher

Why? They look like completely different types of games.

People don't understand a competitive market.

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While I am personally more excited for Witcher 3. The new Dragon Age is looking like no slouch either, and I don't mean just from the graphical perspective, but rather that gameplay demo they did with the dragon, there were some ques from Dragon's Dogma, which is a good thing.

Also hey, Morrigan is in the trailer.

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So excited for this game.

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@neckface said:

This is just embarrassing next to the witcher

Why? They look like completely different types of games.

People don't understand a competitive market.

Not sure what you're trying to say, but even considering that the audiences for Witcher 3 and Dragon Age do overlap, Dragon Age is coming out this October and Witcher 3 is next February.

There is plenty of room for both games.

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This and Witcher 3 are the only two games out of Microsoft's conference that I'm genuinely excited for. Inquisition is continuing to shape quite well, and I eagerly look forward to playing it in several months.

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Cant wait for Dragon Age. I know people love to hate Bioware but they are my favorite developer flaws and all. The Witcher 3 looks great as well.

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Wait what type of game is this? Also let me be a dwarf you bastards, its all I want.

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Still waiting on the reviews. Want it to be good, but once bitten, twice shy.

Trailer is giving me a Kingdoms of Amalur meets Dragon's Dogma vibe. Not sure what to think of that, but it's not what comes to mind when I think Dragon Age.

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well the combat in this cant be any worse than the witchers, which is the worst. so ill get this instead.

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Both games are thematically and mechanically different, but just like last time people are comparing them. Why? There are a lot of fantasy themed games, but people lump these two together for no real reason. If you want a grim and more "realistic" fantasy game, then get Witcher. If you want a lighter more D&D fantasy game, then get Dragon Age 3. If you just love fantasy and can't get enough of all kinds, then get both.

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I haven't been following the game too closely but do they let you make your own character this time? I'm really not into the predefined characters of recent Bioware games.

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Hmm, this is the first trailer that made me less interested in the game. The graphics looked a lot more mixed in quality then in the past trailers which looked too good to be true. Hope its good, but ugh....After the last game.....Its so sad to see Bioware the once flagship maker of RPGs continually dumb down their products. Rush games out the door, and do the worst job ever of reusing assets to sell more games.

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@darkmoney52: He/she will have a voice, if that's what you mean. You can customize the look of your character in almost all of Bioware's games. The default characters in the last few are just templates.

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@john1912: This game is four years in the making, wouldn't call that a rush job. I get where you're coming from, but I'm a fan and pretty pumped for this myself. Truthfully I like to always temper my expectations, especially with the major releases. So I'm cautiously optimistic.

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stop it.

stop being lazy.

right now.

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@dberg: yeah it comes off as cartoonish almost compared to that lol

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@herbiebug: Why do people care about this at all lol? It's not worth caring about either way. If it's in that's cool, but if they're floating, it's something you'll notice for 20 seconds in a 20+ hour game, or like 50+ hour game in this case.

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Don't disappoint me again Dragon Age.

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This is just embarrassing next to the witcher

I remember how much of a let-down DA2 was, then THE WITCHER 2 came along and blew everyone's minds.

Get ready for that to happen again.

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Dragon Age 2. Never forgive. Never forget.

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Dragon Age: Origins is one of my favourite RPG's. Here's hoping this one is delicious :)

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I seem to be the only person in the world who's copy of dragon age 2 didn't rape and murder my family, in fact dare I say I enjoyed DA2 albeit in a different light than the one I enjoyed DAO in. Looks like a fun game and I'll play it so long as the characters are at least half as good as they were in DA2

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@viking_funeral: Totally with you on this! DAII burned me so bad! Definitely reserving judgement on this.

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@neckface: Yeah. They may as we'll not have made it. How dare they.

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I really hope I enjoy this game as much as I did Dragon Age:'s to hoping.


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This is just embarrassing next to the witcher

My thoughts exactly.