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nice graphics for a PS2 game...

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@bucifer: That's a great insult! Congratulations! I cannot wait to hear more from you...please keep it coming.

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@bucifer said:

nice graphics for a PS2 game...

fantastic work there, you must get all the ladies

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So, so excited for this! The Hiroyuki Sawano music is fantastic though I hope ACE+ is doing some work for this game too. The graphics look a bit crummy at times, but the amazing thing about Xenoblade Chronicle on the Wii is that a lot of action and cut scenes were in-engine. I suspect that the slightly weak textures and models and such are in service of a massive, seamless world with dinosaurs and robots.Also, Nopon! The possibilities that represent!

The 2015 date is a bit sad. I wonder if the game with make it's Japanese 2014 date. I hope this is a Spring 2015 release at the latest. I want to play this so bad. Oh, hopefully another UK English dub like Xenoblade Chronicles.

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As a military-grade nerd this might be the breaking point for me getting a Wuu.

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@suicidepacmen: I bought my Wii U for this game. So yeah I'm with you.

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Yup, this is a Xeno game in a way that preceding trailers didn't exactly showcase; I am definitely on board now.

Game devs really need to cut it out with target renders though. This looks perfectly fine to me (Xenosaga-esque in style), but the original trailers showed something that clearly wasn't possible on the hardware.

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This is maybe the thing I am most excited for.

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I'm moderately excited for this, but mostly I'll just buy it so I don't spend $120 for it like I did for Xenoblade Chronicles.

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Hmm. Graphics look significantly worse than in previous trailers. I guess those were faked. Still excited for the game, but pretty bummed about the visuals--those other trailers were god damn gorgeous.

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The Nintendo treehouse stream will have something on this very soon

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I quite hope that this game has English voice acting like the last one. I quite liked the British cast in Xenoblade.

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Bleh, considering I wasn't too fond of the first, I think the Xenoblade name might be messing with my interest in this game. Hopefully it's good.

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I'm in.

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Well I'm pretty positive on the game, I'm not so positive about the name. Xenoblade Chronicles X just doesn't seem like a very good name for this game. Makes it seem like the 10th game in the series. I dunno, it just seems weird to me.

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I want to see landscapes/scenery, Monolith.

EDIT: Also: fuck yes, Sawano Hiroyuki!

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Gundam: The RPG. Definitely into this.

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Loved the first Xenoblade, so really looking forward to this.