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Posted by Valentino

Wow, really?! Your doing this?

My clock time ended around 45-50

Best of luck!

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lol i ended at about 70hrs w/ all chains complete.  gl to you vinny and jeff, best ride i had in an rpg.  REMEMBER GET THE TRUE ENDING! its worth it.

Posted by randiolo

weird japanese stuff? vinni n jeff? ..lets do this.

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This is going to be awesome.
But why Endurance Run instead of Let's Play?
Also- voice volume a bit lower- game audio a bit higher- especially if your going to go too fast to read the text.

-Just Finished- Can't wait until tomorrow's installment!
Recommendations: Long RPGs run through their soundtracks quickly.
Though you might love and adore the tracks- they'll need to stop at some point.
Insert Random Comedic/Enjoyable Theme Music of Choice

Persona's battles can get a bit long winded to watch.
Insert random non-related site and other game stuff- including visuals.
Alternatively- just ride the ride all the way- and don't worry about it.

Posted by emillkim13

I love this. Second*

Can you go the bathroom by yourself?
Posted by LordAndrew

Beginner is the same as Normal, but you get some extra chances when you get pwned in battle.

Posted by ArchScabby

it's like mystery science theater with Jeff and Vinny!

Posted by Bucketdeth

Good luck my friend, You got this!

Posted by ArbitraryWater

I will enjoy this. The thrill of listening to Jeff and Vinny give audio commentary on a J-RPG will be awesome.

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I spent 70 hours running through the game the first time.

you dudes should make these like an hour. I'd watch them all.

Posted by albedos_shadow

The suspense is killing me! I must find out what happens after you find yourself alone with Nanako!

Posted by Psynapse

How come i get this feeling that Charlie is going to hook up with Dojima's daughter... this game is creepy...

Posted by LordAndrew

I've maxed out Nanako's Social Link. It's not as exciting as you're all hoping.

Posted by AndrewB

A truly creepy place to leave off, especially if Persona 4 was an adult rated game.

Posted by papercut

Hehe, i got the Bionic Commando reference

Posted by strangeling

At least if Vinny plays it, I won't have to.

Go Vinny, go!
Posted by spiceninja

This has more suspense for the next episode than LOST!

Posted by SkylarShelton

Oh man, I hope you guys make it through the whole game like this :) I have to say I laughed more at this video than I do a great deal of stand up comedy, well done :)

Posted by Hirushubi

Are you guys going to play that star ocean game?  It should be out for the 360 soon...

Posted by Niccoles

This game definitely is creepy.

Posted by FCKSNAP

Well since I'm almost through with 3FES and finished 1 and most of 2; I hope you guys can beat the whole game while I do other things.

Posted by Rodiard

Giant Bomb > *

Posted by Axersia

Nice to see GB showing some JRPG lovin.

Keep it up!

Posted by dvorak

This will be awesome.

Posted by imayellowfellow

i do not even understand how u guys will be able to do this...

Posted by Milkman

Dude, what the hell is up with this game?

Posted by Mjolnir

This vid makes me think you guys should do some MST3K-esque stuff with cutscenes from different games. That would be awesome.

Posted by Jedted

I never could stomach JRPGs myself so this is fun watching you guys play.  Can't wait to see what what happens next.

Posted by jyurakyumihawk

Endurance run = GB's gaming marathon = awesomeness!!!

Posted by Dan_CiTi

Keep it up, I'd love for you guys to beat this and get the true ending. Make sure to save these too, this looks to be an awesome playthrough.

Posted by Smallville123

Why is the video so squished.  no widescreen support in that game?

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Posted by Slippery

I really wanted to play Persona but wa far too stingy to buy a PS2 to play a game I'd never tried, keep going, your saving me money!

Posted by megalowho
Best of luck, if I remember the first 2 to 3 hours is mostly introduction material, alot of hitting x to advance the story. Things get pretty interesting and open ended soon enough, hopefully we'll see some longer gameplay sessions in the future to move things along.
Posted by CashBailey

Oh, this is gonna be awesome!

Posted by Hamst3r

Haha...man, this has to be one of the most boring games on the planet.  I hope it picks up a bit in the next video.  All you did was talk, get on a train, talk more, get in a car, talk more, go in a house, talk more and not eat sushi.

Posted by Wright

wouldn't mind another couple hundred of these.

Posted by morningdrive

dude!! awesome!

Posted by RollHard86

I've seen youtube videos go for 3ish consecutive videos.  the viewers dorp hard (500 to 450 to 200 to 15)

charlie tuna FTW! im on board
*god damnit*

Posted by Grimjim8000

video content on this site is just getting better and better :)

Posted by MachoFantastico

oh Giantbomb, how we love you!

Posted by ankyon

just started this.... loved p3, this game looks just as cool as that!

you guys got a ****load of work there :P

Posted by Kohe321

Awesome, this will be cool to watch. Keep on pumping out awesome content, you guys rock!

Posted by jyurakyumihawk

Now that's a cliffhanger..!!

Posted by KaosAngel

OMG, Good luck guys!  I just got to the part when you save the first person.  Into May.  I can't wait to see all of it!

Posted by Treppass

ROTFL! im in for the long haul =D

Posted by dogbox

No need to be so formal! Look at how loose my tie is.

I haven't found time to play this game in a long time, hopefully I get a chance to jump back in soon. I look forward to the thrilling continuation tomorrow!
Posted by BenderUnit22

Best. Cliffhanger. Ever.

Posted by wiII

Funny vid but wow, I just cannot see the appeal of this game. 

Posted by Soap

ohhhhh yeah, under aged family sex games... my favourite.