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This is a really good episode.

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I agree.  Even if I can't see it.

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35 minutes. Damn.

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35 whole awesome minutes. AWESOME! I'm getting this as soon as it comes out!

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35 mins! EPIC WIN

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Another amazing episode Vinny and Jeff!

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I love this series :)

Posted by Xanxus

A staggering 35 minutes of sheer awesomeness.

Keep this up, they're the highlights of my day.

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35 minutes?! Holy cripes. ;o

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AWESOME guys, i glad you have listened to the people and made vid longer.Cheers

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another angel just got his wings.

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35 Minutes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                                                             Yes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Dude I'm kinda seriously considering picking this game up, now. It's totally insane, and I dig the RPG mechanics... I'm just not so sure how much plot recapping the characters do constantly I can take...

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35 whole awesome minutes. AWESOME!

Posted by Xanxus

Yeah seriously, I really want this game badly now.

Too bad I live in Europe and will have to wait until what, April? Or was it March?

Still, should be awesome.

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Mmm like eating 35 little pieces of gourmet steak.

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Grilled steak?

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but there is too much text

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its weird how i would never in my life watch these boring ass gameplay videos if they werent on Giantbomb. so i guess thats a way of saying keep up the awesome work.

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Awesome, I was wondering how you would split this whole section up. I guess the answer is that you didn't. This is when the game starts to pick up and flow nicely.

Also actual gameplay.

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Yeah, we get to see a boss fight this time. Double awesome.

Junes destroys lives, for real man. It has to go. Junes is probably the last boss, and you have to fight back as it sings catchy jingles at you. It's probably where all the TVs come from so it makes sense. I'm calling it. Yeah. Heh.

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God I love GiantBomb. This endurance run is brilliant, and though slightly sad, it being 35 minutes long has made my day.

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you spoil us you two

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Go Vinny, Go!

I know it'll make these longer, but I'd prefer not cutting the voices off.  The non-spoken bits are fine to go through quick though.
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Can't wait to see the stunning conclusion of rain tomorrow.

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Another awesome episode!

Posted by Roger_Klotz

Fucking teddie gives me the creeps. I have a feeling he is going to molest one of the main characters.

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whoa this is a real video game.

Posted by ahoodedfigure

All kinds of references in this one.  Transformers, Phantasy Star (Foi), They Live...

100 yen?  that's like a buck 

Posted by Jezzasaurus

Someone is totally going to buy that TV at Junes, and they won't be able to find Teddie...

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Nice long video, and a great episode... :)

Posted by LordAndrew

Physical skills such as Cleave use up HP instead of SP. So be careful when doing that.

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Excellent, they've all been excellent.

Although, I much prefer ending on a first-dialogue basis rather than just after saving, even if this one did go overlong and you needed to cut it off.

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Ahhhhhhhhh another episode, I`m starting to get addicted on this.Its like a novel we keep falowing and never ends....

Keep the good work guys XD

Posted by Feikken

I just can't wait until you guys lose a battle and need to replay an hour of lost progress.

God knows that happened to me countless times!

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Woah. That weird-ass anime I was watching turned into a video game.

Zio: It's super effective.

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This is what I'm talking about. Thanks for a long episode.

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@ Feikken:  Really?  I found it much easier to say alive in P4 than in P3, partly due to being able to control everyone's actions in battle.

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I assume all the main characters in your party are going to have some emotional baggage like what we saw with Yosuke?

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Everything's great at your Junes.

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aww Vinny you are so nice.

You always try to pick nicest dialogue options.

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This was a great episode. Keep doing the long episodes this one was awesome

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Seems in JRPGs and Anime, there are always lengthy recaps of what's just happened a few moments ago. I think it's probably because it's possible to say a lot in Japanese without being too specific, so characters will recap in a more explicit fashion later on to make it clear to viewers. I'm only intermediate with Japanese, but I believe that to be the case.

Anyway, lengthy recaps are not really necessary in English, so skipping through them a bit faster is fine with me.

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Lol, 99% of the game so far has just been cutscenes

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i always disliked how much they repeated the plot like in this and the last video. and the sad part is, this happens a few times more in the game.

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Keep those coming:)

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Johnny Yong Bosch vs. Yuri Lowenthal. Nice.

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For people complaining that this game is more cutscenes and dialogue than "game" is because Persona is the "highschool simulation" spin-off of the Shin Megami Tensei series, designed to pull in people who normally prefer dating sims to RPGs.

Also I think GiantBomb has doubled thier video content in the last week alone. Kudos.

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Great episode guys, nice that you finally got to fight some shadows.

Anticipating tomorrow's episode.