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Weetabix rules

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^ Trufax

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Yay! Watching these have inspired me to learn to play some Persona 4 songs on guitar. They rock my butt and so do you guys.

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Lol, you got owned.

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Stop healing.

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I'm Jack Frost , Ho!

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Another good episode.

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Ouchy wouchy! Despite this recent f-up, I still maintain faith in team "Jeff & Vinny: Can we really be the heroes?"

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Best (video) series ever.

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GUYS chie isnt ur attacker, Yosuke is, he was doing 100+ damage earlier

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Fuck yeah, Jack Frost!

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Boss gotcha down?  Have a Grind (Patent Pending)!

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If it makes you guys feel any better, I'm totally lost when it comes to creating Personas...so much so that I'm seriously considering going back to level up some of my weaker Personas and redoing some of my previous merges. Don't know if that would be worth the time and money, though.

Actually, as I read these endurance run threads, I'm realizing that I've made several mistakes.  Oh well, guess there's always the second run-through.

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decreasing his attack will allow you to survive.

Plus you also can fuse better persona up to level 16

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Alright guys, I managed to beat this guy at your level, without grinding by using this simple strategy:

  • Have Yosuke and Yukiko heal
  • Have Chie use Bufu and Charlie either use Bufu or that guy that was Strong against physical.
  • Use Tarunda (it lowers his attack) whenever you can. 

It'll take quite a bit of trial and error to find a good rhythm, but this is definitely the hardest bonus boss I've faced.

You'll probably still be best to fight him later, but if you're adamant on killing that bloody king, you can do it...it might just take a few tries.
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A bit of advice about persona's: when you are not doing dungeon runs its a good idea to have ones you will need for your social links, right now its magician (you guys have 2) chariot, strength, sun, and soon from Yukiko is priestess. Having these with you during a social link event increases how much your link grows and speeds up your ranking.

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Hilarious, I was counting the seconds before you guys would party wipe to Rampage. Yeah, you generally need a good physical resist persona for that boss. Think of it as a precursor for the second dungeon if you will.. there's always time to come back to the castle at a later level.

I'm not trying to tell you how to play a game, but you really need to stop underestimating the power of buffs and debuffs in this game; it's not like most JRPGs. That 'Suckunda' you kept referring to really makes a difference in evasion and accuracy. But great job on creating a Jack Frost w/ Resist Fire, it'll help quite a bit.

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You cant beat him yet wait till lvl 20 or something then you can survive his rampage
equip a persona  strong againts pysical. and just spam him with ice or pysical attacks. and heal with yukiko

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YAY they are still going

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Red's advice is very good for this fight and I also was able to beat this guy at level 16. (It was expert too...)

    • Instead, I had Yosuke use Sukukaja on your Main Character (Raise evasion) and after that, Yosuke would use Sonic Punch and hope to get a critical. If you do get a critical, don't use an All-Out Attack. It won't do enough damage. You're better off using Sonic Punch again and hopefully it would get dizzy and lose a turn.
      Don't be afraid to use those HP-consuming physical attacks. The HP taken to use them really outweighs the damage they can do, especially later in the game.
  • Yukiko's just going to heal. Pretty much using Media every turn.
  • Chie should cast Tarukaja either on herself or Yosuke her first turn, and pelt the boss with Bufu after that. When the buff expires, cast Tarukaja again on whoever you did on the first place.
  • Main Character is going to be using buffs and debuffs! I know how you hate those, but they are really helpful and make the bosses so much more bearable. In my opinion, using Sukunda and Rakunda on the boss would be a great idea since Sukunda will lower his evasion and accuracy, making him easy to hit and easy to dodge his attacks. Rakunda will lower his defense and the damage done is pretty noticeable. Whenever you don't use a buff/debuff spell, cast Bufu.

Winning this fight really relies on luck. Even using this strategy, you'll need luck to survive Contrarian King's Rampage. This is considered one of the hardest bosses in the whole game, based on how far you guys are. I suppose you could try this boss right now, but you probably should fight him during the next dungeon where you have considerably more options with Personas. If you do want to fight this thing again... Be prepared to see the Game Over screen a few times.

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It's kinda funny that when they finally decide to try out stat spells, it's in a fight that it wouldn't do them any good in.

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Tomorrow, if there's nothing better to do, you can go to Aiya's, the Chinese diner at the bottom part of the north half of the shopping district.  It costs a bit, but no more than the persona you just re-bought, and you can get three stat bumps at once.  Beats going to the dungeon yet again, right?

Hang in there, guys, you get some cool new social things in the next few days. 

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When you are at an item or skill menu and you press square for more information, you can still scroll up and down! So you don't have to keep moving to one, pressing it and seeing what it does, and backing out, and moving to another one and repeat.

And I am around the same time as you are (about a week and a half past you in game time as I did a lot of social link stuff and studying after failing killing that dude).  I usually stayed on the 7th floor running back and forth killing things until I had characters with virtually no SP left (never using TAPs or other items)  before I left.

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Hey guys, I hope this doesnt make you stop playing. This boss is an optional boss. So its meant to be pretty hard. You don't have to fight it now, so why bother. Moving the plot along is more fun anyway

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Alright why are you guys still in the castle? after I beat Yukiko I never went in again so please guys, get out of there now, I want too see you guys do the other things in the game so stop grinding in the castle

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They got nuked by da king...  it's alright guys we've all been there    first time I played the dude my reaction was not much different from jeff's    I'm a little bit ahead of you in the game and I just can't wait to see the next dungeon    and for the boss my strategy was pretty much "Pray that he doesn't use rampage ever" strategy.

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You guys should fuse a Sun persona for the Drama SL (Fool + Chariot).  In general you really don't need to play with much in front of you but  you might want to print out a fusion table.

For your SLs:

Yosuke:Magician (Jack Frost)
Chie:Chariot (Eligor)
Drama: Sun
Basketball: Strength
Day Care: Temperance

And coming very shortly:
Nanako: Justice
Dojima: Hierophant

Nanako and Dojima are evening SLs meaning you can't go to the velevet room and get a persona before meeting them.   You will get more persoan slots but as you can see you should choose like 2-3 day links + the evening ones and work on those until they are completed.

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I think I need help to quit my Persona 4 addiction. This is a game I never play but i love watching some grazy people play it

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He looks like a cookieman.

You got defeated by a cookieman.

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Gotta get Yosuke attacking more.

He's got mad wrenches, son!

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Hey, thought I'd explain the whole circle thing that you were asking about when maknig personas:

Basically, the personas you have are numbered 1-6, right?
And there's a grid showing you numbers 1-6 at the top.
So really, it's just showing you which personas you can fuse with each other.
If the circle is light, then go for it! If it isn't, then it's a no no...

Now, when you go into the triangle fusion, and you can't see any, that's because there's too many combinations of personas to be shown on a 2D table. It's only after you've picked one, will it show you which you can then blend with.

You follow?

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Jeff's maniacal laugh right after Rampage cracked me up so hard; had to rewatch that part like five times.

Contrarian King is defeatable at an early level, but you really need Personas that are up to snuff.
(strong against physical, plenty of buffs, etc.)

One thing you should do is use debuffs (that target a single enemy), since that practically buffs your whole party. (decreasing his Attack is like buffing everyone's Defense)

He's difficult to beat right after Yukiko's Castle (he's optional, so you can take him on any time), but it's definitely possible. I beat him right after taking on Shadow Yukiko with some proper planning/fusing.

If you do beat him, you get a secret weapon for Yukiko (in the same vein as Yosuke's).

Oh, and you eventually can fuse more than three Personas together. (up to 6... and there's a secret fusion that requires 12)

In related news, I'm right about to beat Persona 4 (with the "true ending"). I got it because of this Endurance Run a while back, and haven't regretted it. The main complaint I have about it is the Skill Inheritance you guys were griping about a bit in this video; it's much worse when you're serious into fusing, trying to get specific skills. TIME-CONSUMING and unnecessary. However, it's not a big enough flaw to seriously mar the game.

P.S. You honestly never really have to "grind" in the game;
Social Links will give you all the exp you need. (high level Social Links give craploads of exp... I'm talking in the ~180-200k range)

P.P.S. The last two elements on the "weakness meter" are Light/Holy and Darkness. (both are instant-death spells)

I'm Jack Frost, ho!

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I think we've learned an important lesson today: Chie is an idiot, never let her suggest things again.

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yeah me too
 vinny: "what happened ??!!"
Jeff: "he waved his wand and everybody fell down that's what happened"
 I got tears in my eyes :D

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Here's the first half of the episode summary that I'm preparing for GameFAQs. Read through it, and hopefully you'll understand what went wrong and what you should never do again. I'll give you a hint: everything.

In this episode:
Charlie wastes some sodas, saves, and then runs into the boss room.
Contrarian King casts Red Wall to increase fire resistance.
Yosuke uses Garu, which the Contrarian King blocks.
Chie uses Bufu, and does 70 damage.
Yukiko casts Agi, and heals the Contrarian King. Red Wall must have been a red herring...
Charlie uses Zio for 58 damage.
Contrarian King slaps Chie around a bit, doing 97 damage and then 93 damage, with a critical hit granting him another turn. He uses his next turn to cast Marakunda and decreases everyone's defense.
Yosuke heals Chie 60 HP. Probably not enough to withstand another attack.
Chie uses Skull Cracker on Contrarian King for 29 damage. If they really needed to know, why didn't they just use a normal physical attack?
Yukiko heals Chie 68 HP.
Charlie tries to use Poison Mist, ignoring his two debuffs. The attack misses.
Contrarian King uses Kill Rush on Yukiko. 100 damage, followed by 104 damage.
Yosuke revives Yukiko as Jeff and Vinny realize that this was a bad idea.
Chie Bufus the boss for 66 damage.
Charlie ignores his debuffs again and switches to another Persona with debuffs. He then uses Rakunda. What's the point though? He'll be dead in a few turns if he doesn't decrease the enemy's strength.
Contrarian King does a 69/69 on Yukiko and kills her again.
Yosuke revives Yukiko to 92 HP.
Chie's Skull Cracker does 43 damage. That's better than before, but Bufu still did more damage than that.
Charlie uses Agi and gives the Contrarian King back 57 HP.
69/72 damage to Yukiko. Dead again.
Yosuke uses Dia on Chie and heals her 57 HP.
Chie uses Bufu for 91 damage.
Charlie cast Tarukaja on Chie, boosting her attack power.
Contrarian King uses Kill Rush on Charlie, but misses.
Yosuke attacks the King with his wrenches, but misses.
Chie casts Bufu but also misses.
Tarukaja on Yosuke.
The Contrarian King finally does us all a favor and goes on a Rampage, killing the whole party.
Jeff realizes that they don't have to be in the TV right now. But since they saved at the boss, they've wasted the day as well as several useful items.

Edited by unangbangkay
  • Outside of fusing some useful personas (Eligor's a good idea), a good idea would be to use the debuffs to lower his attack and raise the party's hit/evasion. At least there'll be a chance that Yukiko can dodge the Rampage.
  • Don't worry about having to visit the velvet room every time you pick up a new persona in shuffle time. If you've ever let a persona into your heart, it'll be automatically registered into the compendium. You only need to register if you created a custom persona that is different from the version in your compendium.
  • There are personas that can be fused past 3, but those are for special, specific personas, and their formulas are openly shown.
  • Don't worry about fighting the optional bosses on the original run you used to get to them, you can continue back from the waypoint the next time you go in.
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Theres a 12 fuse i think...

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F the castle do new stuff! YAY YAAAAAAAAY

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Charlie heads to the Velvet Room, while Jeff tries to claim that it wasn't a total loss.
It's the same four. It's the same four.
"I'm just going to try one more." "No."
"I'm not a fan of Poison Mist, but it will have to come in handy at some point, right?" No.
You have welcomed Jack Frost into your heart, hee ho.
Eligor is strong against physical attacks and nullifies tentacle attacks.
Not satisfied with that Eligor, they back out and create a different Eligor. This one can heal!
Charlie pulls some Personas out of the Compendium and leaves the Velvet Room.
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hahahaha shizer!

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Great episode, that rampage was awesome.

I don't have the game yet, but TaP waters do seem pretty good, Vinny. I think they cost only 120 yen and are good for 10 SP, that's over 3 Dia. On comparison, I think a medicine costs more than 300 yen and only heals 50 HP.

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First. Get a persona who resists physical.(called Null)

During the battle, it seems that you have plenty of buffs for Charlie, Chie, and Yousuke. Starting buffing up your team, with DEF,ATTACK and Hit/Evasion. Let Yosuke and Chie do, most of the fighting and Yukiko be the main healer. Casting media/dia every turn. Futhermoore, Debuff boss alot because either Kill Rush, Hysterial Slap or eventually Rampagne will kill you/or your party.

But all in all, get some Social Links done, either by Chie, Yukiko, Yosuke or Kou/Yomi. To get more experience points on those fusions.

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That's what I don't like about JRPGs spell it out, tell me what level i need to be to beat the boss.

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Now I want to rewatch the whole endurance run from episode 1.... but there isn't any playlist :( I'd love it if I could have it play through all episodes one after another automatically. plz~

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Gotta be prepared for those tentacles!

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Copypasta from part 27:

They might have a decent chance against the boss keeping both sukunda and tarunda up on him. Rampage already has a fairly bad accuracy, and once you put sukunda on the chance of 3 hits of rampage all landing become really low, and tarunda helps with what gets past. Keep yukiko spamming Media and it could work. Omoikane has both of those buffs, and you can change to slime which has physical resistance for extra insurance.

The next boss is best dealt with through physical attacks so you are going to want either yosuke (better weapon atm, think his attack skill is also slightly better) or chie (probably better strength at the moment). I would probably choose chie as my offense so that yosuke can help heal too, but its up to you guys. Have chie cast tarukaja (increase attack) on whoever is attacking most and then have Charlie cast Rakunda (decrese defense, senri has it) on the boss.  Its definitely going to be a hard fight and even if you play it perfectly there is probably a high chance of dieing, but you are right ontop of the save point so there isn't anything to lose. Most dangerous part of the battle is that the boss gets the first attack i believe and can use rampage , which could insta wipe you without him being debuffed.

My bet is on them forgetting about the buffs/debuffs again and getting raped by the boss though.
Though I'll give them a point for using rakunda to lower the boss's defense and tarukaja to raise their attack, but more offense wasn't what you needed, you needed more defense. The best part was right before the rakunda were you guys said 'Maybe we need to increase our defense", then stared at the descriptions of both of the debuffs that would have decreased the bosses attack and accuracy, then went 'nahhhhh'. BTW: Tarukaja works on ALL damage sources, magical and physical. Also, decreasing the enemies attack damage has the exact same effect as increasing your allies defense, and is also cheaper because you only need to cast the debuff on one boss instead of 4 allies. Same goes for casting tarukaja on allies vs debuffing the boss's defense with rakunda.

Buffs are HUGE in this game. Had you cast tarunda on the boss it would be dealing 50% less damage and rampage would have only been about 3/4ths of your parties health, which could have been kept high had yukiko been alive and using media every turn. And sukunda would have given each ally a respectable chance to dodge his attacks as well. You still could die if he decides to use rampage many times in a row (quite rare) though, and thats why everyone was saying don't go in there :). Also, when HE casts a debuff on you, get rid of it fast with dekunda. Lower defenses on your characters = you take 40% more damage.

EDIT: I also look forward to more episodes consisting of you guys spending an hour rerolling the persona's in the velvet room until you get the best ones. Really, don't get started on rerolling too much. Its like a drug or a gambling addiction, I'm not kidding.

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Jack Frost yay!

You guys should have a Sun arcana persona so you can maximize your time with the drama girl
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That rampage move was hilarious.

"What Happened?" LOL