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Posting in the future!

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Me too!

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Posting from the future is more like it!

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Everybody, back in the DeLorean.

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Wooo episode 71! It's going to feature many happy times.

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Tell us all about the future

Posted by Colin

I don't whuna go back.

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I have (as many others apparently have) walked through the woven fabric of Space Time. I hope the world doesn't blow up...

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Are there Hovercars on Monday?

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so someone invented a flux capacitor....gimme!!

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Someone who has played the game, could pretend they have been in the future and just say what happens next in the game. Can't wait until Monday!!!

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Quick, everyone sell all your stocks in gas and oil - everything now runs on potato's here in the future!

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i thought cars run off king moron's dead ass vapors in the future.

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Six said:
i thought cars run off king moron's dead ass vapors in the future.
Hey, if people are willing to cheat and look at the next episode's page they deserve to get the surprise spoiled.

And no, hovercars actually run off Nanako's pudding, it's a very complex science.
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We're preparing for the future, today!

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The future involves lots of spoilers apparently...

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I do believe you are gonna get mad yelled at by Jeff and Vinnie for that little treat

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Dude, this video is loading mad slow at work today.

Wow, these storyline videos keep getting better and better.  Bonus points to Jeff for the Fletch reference.

DUDE, what happens if you fuse all four of those sperm-looking Mitama things?

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How did the girls change clothes between the time they were sitting outside to the their arrival in the electronics department?

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The reason why Teddy is taller when they are sitting around the table is because Teddy's feet are so short that they don't touch the floor when he is sitting.

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The reason why Teddy is taller when they are sitting around the table is because Teddy's feet are so short that they don't touch the floor when he is sitting.

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L'Oreal Paris presented by  Teddy.

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the main character must be walking catnip for girls. First the nurse, now the teacher. What the hell is wrong with him?

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Like I said, like I said.

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This episode is AMAZING. So funny and so strange.

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Could you say it in a more condescending way, asshole?

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Persona 5: The New Legend of Teddy.... Origins

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Hilarious Van Halen references!

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I was waiting soooo long for this episode.  The Teddy stuff alone would make this one of their best episodes.  And mock their fusing all your want, but these are pretty into the story and the game's mystery.

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ive been waiting this scene for ages

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Vinny " It's called a glock" lol

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Wow, thats a hell of an episode. Crazy things happening everywhere.

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finally ordered a copy of P4 so after exams I can have my own ER until next semester

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Wow. Its moments like this that I seriously consider getting a PS2. Persona 4 is freakin' awesome!

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Victoria Day Endurance Run!

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How come the investigation team wear their summer clothes but put on their school uniforms when they go to the TV department?

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Woah!  Epic episode.  I was serioulsy shocked on more than one occasion.

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Thats was one crazy episode, Ive been waiting for this one for awhile to hear their comments

There is one thing that I want to make very clear, Naoto IS A GIRL, Im sorry if thats a spoiler but if you didnt understand it from her voice then your an idiot

I literally yelled out FINALLY when they realized that it was a girl

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That was amazing.

And the team hide their equipment under their school uniforms, that's why they change.

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Best episode ever.  Whoever wrote this story was smoking PCP.

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I played this part a while back and the only thing I could think about was "I REALLY want to hear Vinny and Jeff´s reactions to this". Finally this episode is here ! And it was awesome.

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In one of the earlier eps, they agreed to use their school uniforms in order to conceal their battle gear

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Best episode ever

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The plot thickens......... Awesome episode!

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Oh, and 4+ fusions are easy-peasy. They tell you exactly what personas you need. Actually getting all those personas is a different story, but at least you guys won't be confused (I hope).

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Vinny you perve