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That sure is quite the hammer...

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Hammer time.

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could they not have just put this out as dlc for the main game? or is it more than that? 

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@chriskelly123 said:
could they not have just put this out as dlc for the main game? or is it more than that? 
I forget what all they added, but I think they said they've improved load times and changed where weapons are placed. What they've done couldn't be done in DLC.
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Looks like the Powerjack from TF2.

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If I had a hammer...

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I really want to like Dead Rising as much as I like the concept and even from looking at those trailers this seems like a game for me but then when it actually comes to playing the game...

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This actually looks like it could be pretty sweet.

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Seems appropriate to say that clearly no one man should have all that hammer.

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Thor would be proud.

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That sure is quite the hammer...

Rammer Jammer Yellow...?
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I guess Capcom is back into their super ultra mega rehash HD ways...
Also please go back to the MT Framework engine, it's what made the first one so good!

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@chriskelly123: It's twice the size of DR2 so no XBLA has a limit on the amount of memory a DLC can be, obviously this one tops in the GBs which is way past the standard.But just to give you a quick run down.
New weapons, new combo cards, new psychopaths, new enviroments, new vehicles, new modes, improved load times, more stable framerate, improved camera feature from DR1, improved Co-op and it's only $40.
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I somehow can't play games in which weapons break after 20 attacks and that's what ruins the whole Dead Rising franchise for me. If they manage to make those games challenging and fun with unbreakable weapons I'm in, until then.. pass.

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I could always use more Dead Rising, and Frank West. He's covered wars you know!

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This is the only Capcom re-release this year I can see myself buying.

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I AM Thor!!!!

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Is it just me, or has Frank put on weight? 

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Thunderhammer -- 35pts

Worth it for Mr. West.

Glad I didn't buy Dead Rising 2. This seems like the actual version I want(ed).

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Yeah I hate Capcom so much these days...

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Thor is here.

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After this was posted videos on GB are back to taking FOREVERANDEVER to load, hoorj..

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I was interested in getting this...until I saw this video.

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'Dead Rising' is a great game.

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I really adore a lot of Capcom series that most people (critics in particular) tend to feel pretty meh about. Some of the most fun I've had with games in the last few years has been with Dead Rising 2 and its DLC, Monster Hunter Tri/Portable 3rd and Lost Planet 2. I'll probably check this game out.

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@Kirbichu54 said:
Hammer time.
thanks for saying it for me
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@Agent47: aaah, fair enough - that sounds significant :P
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@Kirbichu54 said:
Hammer time.
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Now if they could only fix some of the game breaking boss fights.

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Hopefully it comes to PC because I really enjoyed DR2 and heard sketchy things about it's performance on consoles.

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Me not getting Dead Rising 2 might turn out to be a good thing.

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Not sure why this is a trailer...