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So pumped for this.

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Wait, what's the difference between this and Banner Saga: Factions?

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Wait, what's the difference between this and Banner Saga: Factions?

I believe that was just multiplayer.

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So I'm guessing this is the trailer for the single-player? I loved what I played of the multiplayer, even if progression was definitely in favor of those who shelled out the money for microtransactions. Regardless, this lucks goddamn gorgeous -- definitely getting a Tolkien mixed with '60s/'70s animation vibe.

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So you're telling me this game has a great art style with tactical turn-based RPG gameplay? SOLD.

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Spiritual successor to King of Dragon Pass anyone?

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Every game should be letterboxed like this

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Really love the art style.

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Oh hey, I helped fund this! I'm glad it turned out well.

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Well, it's been over a year after their original target, but it looks like it was totally worth the wait.

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That art is gorgeous.

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Yes. I am happy to see the single player coming out. Great looking SRPG game.

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Well, it's been over a year after their original target, but it looks like it was totally worth the wait.

Well, considering that they got 7x the money they asked for, it makes sense. I am excited!

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Still super excited for this but it was an eye-opener as one of the first things I backed on kickstarter. The kickstarter was for this single player game and then Factions came out without much word on the single player front. Then the devs didn't realize people would get frustrated by the lack of information. They're better now, but every kickstarted game needs at least monthly updates in my opinion. I've seen other interviews saying they've kind of learned some of these lessons, which is good. Now I just want the game.

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Don't forget the kickstarter pitch said the game would have branching, Mass Effect style story and dialogue choices. And that it is only part 1 of 3, although maybe that has changed. The kickstarter backer email that just went out said that it was originally intended to be around 6 hours long, now its more like 15...


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Interesting, I had no idea a single player version/thing would be coming out. I don't do multiplayer so much, but I'll the shit out of this.

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From what I've seen of the multiplayer, the gameplay is solid but pretty standard. But man, that animation makes me feel all warm inside.

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@sin4profit: Factions was another form of advertising for the Campaign (the thing that was kickstarted). They had designed the combat engine and the bulk of the work was actually making a story with branching choices etc etc. So they slapped together a F2Play multiplayer only thing so that

  • people could get their hands on the game now (try it out sometime before the game comes out its worth an hour)
  • they can get data on balancing of basic units for the game
  • a little bit of side cash, and I mean a little. Since their F2Play model is pretty fair they make enough to pay for the servers and occasionally a lunch.

Hope that helps!

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This is in the pile of "Kickstarter Games I Forgot I Backed" along with Wasteland 2, Shadowrun Returns, and Death Road to Canada.

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I liked what I played of Factions, though there just wasn't much content. I saw trailers for this at the time and figured I'd just wait for the "real" product to come. I recommend anyone who's at least a little interested go and play the FTP game on Steam right now, because although it's not super in-depth or anything, there's still a nice bit of flavor in every character, and you feel like a fucking king when you win a match.

Wait, what's the difference between this and Banner Saga: Factions?

Factions was multiplayer; this is a story-driven campaign (not sure if it'll also have multiplayer or if they're combining the games or what).

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The art style reminds of a HD zelda cartoon and cartoons from around that time. I love it.

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Cannot wait for this!

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the art style on this is amazing ralph bankshie esque is it Joe

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@lionslinden said:

Spiritual successor to King of Dragon Pass anyone?

I WISH. But nah, gameplay-wise Banner Saga is very different.

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This was one of the first and few kickstarters I backed. Not gonna lie, when they released Factions I felt kind of cheated. The game itself is fun, even if the stages were kind of samey. Hopefully the campaign will have enough content to justify the extra 6 months or so since Factions came out.


The gameplay in Factions is top fucking notch - I'm calling this now: The Banner Saga will be a devastatingly good videogame.

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Looks great!

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Can't they just skip the game part and make a movie instead? That animation is beautiful!

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The devs for this are really cool guys. I totally support this game (also it's purdy).

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like the way it looks.

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Tried Factions at launch. Was a bit shaky and slow. I haven't tried it since. A single player campaign definitely tickles my interest to have another look.

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totally up my fucking alley and i wish i had backed it initially, but i'll definitely pick it up in January. still kinda wish someone would go full FFT/Disgaea with a PC SRPG. now THAT would truly sate my thirst.

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Hey? I thought this was already out?

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That archer lady looks like shes about to have a massive freakout.

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I liked the multiplayer until they stopped me from having an all melee team.

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I enjoyed the living hell out of Factions, I am pumped for this single player.

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Glad to see that the campaign is coming out soon. Definitely loving the art style on this game.

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Following the growth of this game as a contributor has had it's ups and downs. Recently, though, they've been doing a much better job. I hope this game turns out well.

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I think my beard just got a little longer. That looks great, I really enjoyed the multiplayer portion of the game, so the combat is definitely fun. Hope the story holds up as well.

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The only thing I disappointed with about this game is that it was originally scheduled for this month. Apparently all the animation was rotoscoped.

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This is the Medieval, 1960s-style cartoon art I never knew I needed.