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I thought a dmc collection quick look would never come so thanks, Brad. Looking forward to watching dmc 2 as I've never actually seen that game in motion, only in screenshots.

edit: Okay, so a Breaking Brad thing, even better. I will resubscribe as soon as I can.

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What the hell. I had no idea Ni no Kuni was a DS game originally. Did they fully remake it for PS3 or something?

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Don't eat that sandwich before you get into DMC 2. Only game that made me feel physically ill playing it. I'm sure being in HD won't help.

When the Injustice team are in push for a Captain Marvel announcement.

Best character in MKvsDC by far if only so you can scream SHAZAAM with every move you do

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I've seen people put less effort into dinners than puts into that sandwich!

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It has been said a lot, but damn, that looks like an awesome sandwich.

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How about Drew just starts getting some of my premium membership and he mails me sandwiches too?

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@mak_wikus said:

@BBAlpert said:

Weird part in the middle that might be edited out...? I guess it's a good thing I watched it live, although I can't really think of what exactly they would deem necessary to edit.

I'm curious as well!

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how do I get that picture of clementine and lee?

Yup that picture sure looks sweet in that frame!

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Drew might be the most interesting person I've ever seen.

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Drew literally seems like the most interesting person ever.

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Drew is amazing. Killer sandwiches, trips to North Korea, self written prose documents explaining flight sims? It's almost unreal.

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drew is a king among men

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I see Giant Pez.

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@oldskooldeano said:

@cannonballBAM said:

how do I get that picture of clementine and lee?

Yup that picture sure looks sweet in that frame!

It has been on the floor for half a year now, are they not allowed to hang things on the wall?

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Drew Sandwhich Club, make it happen.

This! I'd pay money for that!

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Does Patrick own another shirt?

Edit: Never mind. This was recorded Friday. My bad.

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I am considering making that sandwich, but substituting the mayo/sriracha sauce mix for just pure sriracha saice.

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I'm pretty sure Drew really is inhuman.

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You guys get every dumb little holiday off. You would think that you guys work at an elementary school.

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That is such a svelte mofo is a fucking mystery to me, because that's a dangerous goddamn sandwich.

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Awesome sandwich aside, I'm noticing Drew's desk looks to be the most organized/clean one of the entire crew.

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Drew Scanlon is really some sort of Renaissance Man. That, or he's a thousand year old deity cursed to wander the earth forever in mortal form.

Also, yay more Devil May Cry. While my attempts to play the first one have fallen flat, and I haven't even bothered touching the second, DMC 3 is easily one of my favorite games for the PS2.

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JRPGs: called on salad tossing of the ego The Chosen One design crutches.

AAA Western games: not called on salad tossing of the ego The Chosen One design crutches.

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You know, it seems like Drew is so often in the background, that I hardly ever hear his voice in Quick Looks, and I don't think he has done any reviews on the sight. Yet, he did a very good top ten list of his favorite games of last year, and today, I saw that he had made a chicken sandwich, where the meat is breaded with Fridos. That sounds so dang bizarre, and tempting at the same time.

He really is one of the most interesting guys on the Giant Bomb Crew.

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@CH3BURASHKA: I asked him about it cause I was thinking of buying one, he said it belongs to the office and it was just lying around. I was after a comfortable headset, went for the cheaper but still very highly rated Steelseries Siberia V2s in the end, and they've been great to me so far.

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@Devil240Z: @Devil240Z said:

You guys get every dumb little holiday off.

found a white guy

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That sandwich video thumbnail makes me hungry every time I scroll past it

and i just ate :(

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Pretty dank sandwich there, Drew. Maybe almost beats my pulled pork and coleslaw sandwich I got right now!

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@Devil240Z said:

You guys get every dumb little holiday off. You would think that you guys work at an elementary school.

They're national holidays. Calm your shit.

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Drew knows basic cooking skills. He is literally the most interesting human being to have ever existed.

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@Roger778: I will agree with that. I honestly wish both Drew and Dave would get more air time instead of being behind the scenes all of the time because I actually feel they are some of the more interesting guys on the bomb squad. They both seem to have a much stronger affinity with PC gaming and some of its more hardcore niche gaming genres that generally never get looked out by the rest of the guys on GB so I tend to be really interested in the games they show off. Imagine how much more informative the Baldurs Gate QL would have been if someone who knew what they were doing and less contemptuous of the game was on it

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Kickstarter to commercialize Drew's Sandwich!

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We need to preserve this Frito breaded sandwich technology for future generations.

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Why aren't "Scanlon-Brand Homemade Sandwiches" already an item on the Giant Bomb store? I need to get my hands on one of those.

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@sissylion: I second this

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I have to try that sandwich!

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It'll be interesting to see Brad revisit Devil May Cry, and try out DMC3 for the first time.

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I get so tired of hearing JRPG bashing. Skyrim had a slow start as well and guess what? YOU'RE THE CHOSEN ONE.

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In the kitchen with Drew.. dont let this golden premium content pass us by Giant Bomb!

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brad has been bitten. not by one of patricks nappy head lice but by the DMC bug.

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Jeff's hair is soooo thiiiiiin!

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I've made this exact sandwich although I substitute the mayo for cream cheese.

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@NPfeifer said:

Jeff's hair is soooo thiiiiiin!

Who cares?

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I am glad they are thinking about retooling TNT in some way. It has been pretty dull lately.

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Dig Deeper into Drew's Sandwich?

Yes... A million times, yes.

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Is there anything Drew can't do?!

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What happened on Unprofessional Fridays that I missed? The edited part?

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Drew reveals his TRUE GENIUS!