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Woohoo! I do love monday!

Posted by CaLe

Mondays used to be great, but now they are wonderful.

Posted by Robot_Moses

I loooooooooove them Mondays.

Posted by MooseyMcMan

I have that Dragon theme!

I use the Cuckoo Clock one instead. Or the fireplace one.

Posted by RenegadeDoppelganger

CH'YEAH Mondays!

Posted by CapioCorpus

Monday, Monday, Monday, Monday, Moooooonnnnnddddaaayyyy!!!!!

Posted by mikoulos

Brad is in DEEP this week!

Posted by csl316

Hey, that guy!

Posted by AuthenticM

Will every ILM now open with a shot of the Vodka bottle?

Posted by ADarkMatter

Mondays where I have nothing to do are the best Mondays.

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I miss the Monday song.

Posted by Kingpk

TNT this week: Tony Hawk RIDE bay-bee!! It'll be killer! KILL-ER!

Posted by Winsord

Project 8 TNT, I'm in!

Posted by OneFreeman

@AuthenticM said:

Will every ILM now open with a shot of the Vodka bottle?


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Tony Hawk the ride with dave driving make it happend.

Posted by jasonefmonk

Monday monday monday mooooondaaaaaaay!

Posted by bigsmoke77

Ryan learning of hot spotting was fantastic.

Posted by theodacourt

When a mummy Monday, and a daddy Monday love each other very much, you come!

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I love drinking all day on Mondays.

Posted by Baconbot

I want Brad's Journey wallpaper.

Posted by Dezinus

dope Journey wallpaper, Brad.

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Ryan is so excited about so many things.

I also have that same water thing as Brad.. 'cept I don't cap it, because caps are for FOOLS.

Posted by adoggz

I watched this entire thing and have no idea whats happening this week on Giant Bomb.

Posted by SirPsychoSexy

God damn, do I love mondays

Posted by MeatSim

Confused and bewildered Monday's.

Posted by Y2Ken

I am quite the fan of a Monday. Brad hitting the protein eh, gonna end up like Vinny soon!

Posted by Melos

I want to feel me inside of you, Monday.

Posted by Animasta

there's a guy cleaning the window on the next building over at 11:35

Posted by mosespippy

I'd get in on the old Tony Hawk action but all my old Tony Hawk games were stolen when my roommate couldn't pay his phone bill. :(

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Still want the quick look on endless space hinted at earlier.

Posted by biggiedubs

Getting shit done.

Posted by Phoenix87

Don't listen to them Brad, I use protein powder too.

Posted by Bocam

How about Pokemon Conquest? Why don't you guys play that If you can't think anything?

Posted by sixpin

@adoggz said:

I watched this entire thing and have no idea whats happening this week on Giant Bomb.

All I got out of this was, Tony Hawk.

Posted by Levianth

Great cameo from window cleaning lady at 11:28

Posted by UberExplodey

I heard a Phil Kollar name drop.

Posted by gkhan

So no Dwarf Fortress this week? I was looking forward to Dave's descent!

Posted by Toxin066

I love Tony Hawk mondays.

Posted by LegendaryChopChop

You guys should really get those art pieces framed. They are gonna be so sun damaged before too long.

Posted by Ronald

Man Vinny will be kicking 80 yard field goals if Jeff plays him in NCAA. "Three!"

Posted by A_Dog

I use the same dragon theme! It's ill.

Posted by Lunar_Aura

Protein Powder

must be code for Semen Volume Supplement. Ryan also looks extra excited today.

Posted by Mathey

So, like, Dyad, Rainbow Moon, Heroes of Ruin, Tony Hawk, Endless Space, La Mulana, a reusable bag*, NCAA Football 13, Rhythm Thief.

* may not be playable

Posted by Fattony12000
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Tricky couldn't attend; he was too busy cleaning windowsills.

Posted by spiceninja

TNT sounds fucking awesome this week.

Posted by Brad

Here's that Journey wallpaper, y'all.


Jenova Chen was kind enough to post a ton of high res art from the game on his Flickr.