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Posted by snide

Couldn't get into the first game mostly because of the shoddy controls, but this looks pretty sweet.

Posted by sneakysnake128


Posted by TomA

never played the first one,just the demo,i like that.

Posted by Alphazero

No blood for thermal energy!

Looks way sweet. I'll play it.

Posted by Dukey

Looking pretty damn nice to me. I found the first one to be frustrating at time, but would get this for sure.

Posted by Bunnyman

Looks great. Took a while to realize it was gameplay footage. (I'm old!)

Posted by LiveOrDie1212

never played the first one, don't know about this one either

Posted by Derios

Okay this looks super dope.

Posted by Demyx

not looking too bad really.

Posted by Wright

looks pretty slick

Posted by stillmotion

Wow. Capcom have built quite a useful engine there. Trumps Unreal 3.

Posted by Out_On_Bail

That's one damn good trailer.  I hope the game doesn't suck though.

Posted by Lilarcor

Never played the first game, but the trailer looks really impressive, both graphically and from the implementation of co-op. 3 players is an unusual number, but I love co-op in games so I'm really interested to see more on the game.

Posted by Gaius

It doesn't seem that bad, but I never really liked the first one. It wasn't a terrible game, there was just something about it that rubbed me the wrong way.

Posted by MasterSplinter

Wow, that trailer was really impressive. The intro felt like some History Channel reinterpretation of a major battle. The new environments looked great and I'm looking forward to some future multiplayer impressions.

Posted by The_Icon

I love how Capcom is the only dev focusing on Co-op, I just hope for splitscreen!

Posted by InFamous91

game looks incredible...neva played the first one though

Posted by Aaox

Never played the first one. Looks a bit monster-hunter esq. But then, maybe that's just me.

Posted by Mandaray

Port-a-shield = awesome
Graphics = awesome
Three man mech = awesome
Giant worm thing = definitely awesome
Jungle setting = god, not again...

I haven't yet played the first one, but if #2 plays half as good as it looks, I will definitely buy it.

Posted by MichaelBach

Looks good.. hope the controls are better

Edited by prencher

If controls are anything like the first.. NO THANK YOU. Also what the hell is with the running animation in this trailer? It looks all wrong.

Other than that it looks really cool.

Posted by fingofongo

does MT Framework 2.0 mean possible cross platform?

Posted by SaucySala

Man, capcom is crankin games OUT!

Posted by Kohe321

Looks really sweet!

Posted by TheHBK

Pretty sweet and with co-op its a winner, I always loved using that grapple thingy.

Posted by Kazona

Looks really good, but  I hope that you're not just some nameless guy blasting aliens in this game--which is the impression I get from this trailer.

Posted by theMcNasty

This trailer sucks.

Posted by Seantacular218

Lost planet 2 could be a really good game, but it looks very similiar to the original control-wise. Those controls were just mad bootsy!

Posted by Hannibal

Awesome. Loved the first LP, minus the sometimes-annoying boss battles and weird disjointed story.

Posted by Player1

Never played the first game, but I can almost guarantee I'll be checking this one out. 

Posted by Obiyer

I hope that it's not multi-platform in name only, like GTAIV is. I suppose it's better than nothing but, I have incling this will be launched as an X-Box 360 exclussive with all the bells and whistles and then they will release a handicapped PS3 version. 

The trailer looks amazing though, I can really fell those weapons firing from the animations. Loved, the end of the trailer too. 

Steam is having a deal by the way on Last Planet: Extreme Condition  - It's only 4.99.
Posted by MeatSim

I hope the co-op has split screen.

Posted by uskomaton

Never was a fan of the first one, tho I only played the demo, but this seems interesting.
Any idea on the co-op, internet or splitscreen and how many players?
One of the mechs seemed to have 3 people in it, 4 player internet co-op would be sweet.

Posted by Red

That's a very bad, horribly voiced trailer for a sequel to a game I hated. Nice job, Cappy.

Posted by retwakm

graphics look grate

Posted by Otzlowe
I wasn't huge on the first Lost Planet, but I actually managed to play through the majority of the game and not really mind that much.

This looks far superior to the first. Honestly, my only real problems are with the animations, but those are pretty minor, since they're not horrible. They're just off.
Posted by Dib9394

Looks epic, I enjoyed the first one.

Posted by thebhoy

Looks sweet!

I never had a problem with the controls in the first game and am confused to why lots of people did. Sure the animation took president at times but it was hardly game breaking.

I'm of the opinion too many people hear what Jeff says and instantly agree with him because they like him instead of forming their own opinion ... hey, Ryan does it all the time - and I'm not just talking about LP controls.


Posted by taco484

Oh dear god, that monster is scary!

Posted by Dan_CiTi

...And THIS is how you make Metal Slug in 3D.

Posted by thedez

So, without the fear of freezing to death, what would all that orange goo be used for?

Posted by Th3dz

I don't understand why so many people complain at the controls. They were just fine in the first game once you got used to them, and also a lot of people complain about animations being to long so they end up dying because of them. I don't get it, the first Lost Planet was an awesome underestimated game. Multiplayer was kind of lol though.

Posted by sanguis_Malus

The first game is a quite annoying in places, the boss battles were full of cheap moves.
I finished the game but I'm so pleased that I picked up a used copy & did not pay full price.

I probably won't buy the 2nd game, nice visuals though.

Posted by thebhoy

I think your right Sanguis, the boss battles didn't seem very balanced and I have "fond" memories of the mech battle with the chick ( her name escapes me ) with the rail gun who mauled me for hours before I was able to get past her however I appreciated the sheer magnitude of the other bosses.

Who can forget running around in the snow ducking and diving from the giant, GIANT snow worm.

In concept it was spot on however the execution resulted in some overly frustrating moments...

Posted by TomA

lol snow pirates!!!!!!

Posted by Media_Master

you'd think the pirates would get hot in their suits

Posted by Cirdain

Holy Shit. Man they can make a trailer.

Posted by LuchaDeerFear

Those graphics look sweet. Not a huge fan of actually playing the first game though.

Posted by Media_Master

nice looking game

Posted by RIP_Icewood

I played the online and offline demo of the first Lost Planet. I though the gaemplay and story were pretty good. I didnt think it was worth full price for it at the time. I'll look into this one but if it doesnt launch on the PS3 I obviously wont be getting it. (Dont own a 360)

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