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Haha got the achievement! Now I feel horrible...
Posted by Dany

Game looks good!

Posted by Rhaknar

quicklook please! I dont have gold >_>

Posted by NintenDood

Wooo an actually decent looking Transformers game!

Posted by TaliciaDragonsong

Looks good indeed, gonna try the demo tomorrow!

Posted by dbz1995

Yay Cybertron!

Posted by ubersicko

wow, lot better than I expected

Posted by freakin

don't suck you prick!

Posted by Authun

Still seems to suffer from the same problem as the Michael Bay films, no iconic design. It looks like it'll be a competent game (which is a surprise in itself) but man, it manages to still look pretty generic.

Posted by MichaelBach

Game looks more and more promissing. Will check out the demo. ROLL OUT!

Posted by JoelTGM

gonna download the demo.  Hmm, I wonder if I should get this on PC...

Posted by Hyper_Bunny_Meow

please say it up for UK too as I will so be having a look when I fin work if it is.
Posted by fox01313

Demo is fun though it'd be nice if it had 2 maps for each mode & an offline mode for people not on XBL gold to play it.

Posted by Vitor
" gonna download the demo.  Hmm, I wonder if I should get this on PC... "
I found it to be great fun but kinda a blurry mess on 360 - makes spotting cloaked enemies almost impossible (particle effects while shooting also blocked so much of my view that I found it fairly hard to aim already but I've sort of gotten used to it - still a b*tch to accurately target moving enemies as they're hard to make out due as they tend to fade into the background). If you've got the specs, being able to run it at a higher res would definitely sort all that out.
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Played the demo, it's fun and the vehicle mode is useful, but the lack of iconic Transformers characters to play as was a odd demo move.   I'll be completely blunt, I wasn't overly thrilled with the game.

Posted by Optimus

I wholeheartedly give it my seal of approval. 

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I was dissapointed. The maps are too similar. I think I played on 3 or 4 maps, but they all have a similar feel. Small corridors leading into a larger room where the cluster fuck happens. I was excited about this game, but I'm not anymore.

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This has got to be a step in the right direction for Transformers.
EDIT: After playing a few rounds of the demo I am happy to say that I will be buying this game. Maps are kind of generic but the gameplay is fun and rewarding, so count me in.

Posted by Milkman

I'll definitely check out the demo. I'm trying to stay fairly optimistic here but I have my doubts.

@Burns098356GX said:
" I was dissapointed. The maps are too similar. I think I played on 3 or 4 maps, but they all have a similar feel. Small corridors leading into a larger room where the cluster fuck happens. I was excited about this game, but I'm not anymore. "
theres only 1 map for each game mode
Posted by Ceno

Gotta say I was VERY pleasantly surprised.  Haven't had so much fun playing team deathmatch in a loooong time.  Demo shows that the multiplayer aspect will have plenty of depth and customization, and the controls quickly feel very natural.  This went from "maybe I'll rent" to "day one purchase". 
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Posted by Yodasdarkside

Man, no demo for PS3 sucks, as I'm genuinely on the fence about this game.  It LOOKS really good, but could end up being crap.  Bloody hell.

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Just finished playing the demo. Pleasantly surprised. Will be keeping tabs on this one as launch approaches.

Posted by Lazyaza

Wish they'd put this demo out for pc :( 
I wanna play this game so bad.

Posted by kagato

Downloaded and played for a couple of hours last night, its actually not too bad!  Ill be interested to see how the custom character thing pans out but its a totally compitent shooter where you can transform and make the cool sound.  Downside?  I hate playing as an autobot and you dont get to switch teams...
Posted by BeautifulSpaceCowboy

Going to download demo now. Every time I see this game, I think it looks cool, but I have been burned by so many Transformer games.

Posted by sixpin

I'll download this tonight, but I wish there was a single player demo available. The online multiplayer isn't what I'm really looking for out of Transformers. At least I can get a feel for the combat mechanics.

Posted by MichaelBach

Demo is a lot of fun, will definately give the game a look when it comes out. Finally a fun transformers game!

Posted by MeatSim

Maybe I will play this but I would rather have a single player demo.

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@Burns098356GX:  ...there's only 1 available map in the demo...
Unfortunately, it's not a terribly interesting one and makes getting around for everyone except (I presume) scientists rather difficult. But it's a good example of what to expect.
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 It's good! I really like it. The map in the demo is garbage though and you can only play as scouts or heavys.

There are 3 things that are bothering me though.

1: Scouts vehicle modes are WAY too slow. They're the same speed as the Heavys and that shouldn't happen. I tried running over a sniping scout and I bounced right off him. That needs to be fixed.

2: Damage seems inconsistent. One of the weapons you can get is a 4 barrel rocket launcher. I must have pelted a heavy with 6 long range rockets and he didn't die. I then got hit from the side from a tank shell and died. Then I turned into a tank, shot a scout with a tank shell, and he didn't die. Then I shot a heavy with the rocket launcher, and he died. It just doesn't feel like the weapons have a very good impact. The only one I really thought was well represented was the shotgun, which works like a shotgun. The problem with that is...

3: Melee is almost always a 1 hit kill. Which makes the shotgun, a gun that is better close up, EXTREMELY dangerous to use. A few matches I played in resulted in most people going to the center of the map and just spamming either the tank's spinning axe move or clicking in the right thumbstick over and over and over again. Something needs to be done about that.

Other than that, it's awesome. I'm pretty sure I'm going to be maining scientists, but the tanks are a lot more interesting than I original thought they'd be. 

Posted by JuicyChaos

this game loks prrrretty good in my opinion and i'm not even a Transformers fan.
Posted by code_echo

Is it just me, or does this whole thing look like a Unreal 3 mod?  Is it built on the same engine?