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Edit: Finally did it!

Posted by DoomHK

As a brit... I support the moustache.

Posted by DarkbeatDK

01:20 Why would do that?! Can't you see they are in the bathroom? That's just mean!

Posted by Fredddi43

Dammit, Im on the generic shooter part of Giantbomb again

Posted by mnzy

That's...not a bad idea.

Posted by ItBeStefYo

Can I be the Swiss guard and wear awesome clothes and use a sick halberd?

Posted by Draugen

Flags for everyone!

Posted by EastboundSpider

Good thing they got flags on their gloves, unless they forget what it looks like.

Posted by MarkHawk

I love the detail to animation and environment of this game :D

Posted by chilipeppersman

nice, looks like a fun mode.

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Posted by ArtelinaRose

Ehhhhhhhhh. Who cares.

Posted by Nadafinga

Can't justify another $60 purchase with all the BF3 Premium content still to come.

Posted by Ninja_Welshman

Ere, you sand like your from Landan.

I like the idea though.

Posted by Tsuchikage

I like the graphics, but I don't really see a reason to play this over Battlefield 3.

Posted by Christoffer

Looks kind of fun, I guess. But man, that's an Frostbite 2 looking Frostbite 2 game.

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Posted by Sackmanjones

Say what you will about the game, but Frostbite 2 engine still looks gorgeous

Posted by mrcraggle

I really hate the way EA do their tie-ins in a lot of their games. It makes it feel like they don't have much confidence in their games to just let them stand on their own. Why keep plastering these videos with BF4 beta at the end? People haven't even played this one yet. I know the MP will probably be similar to that of CoD but it looks like it has some unique things to call its own.

Posted by theanticitizen

For the 360 version of FB2 that looks really really good. Honestly looks kinda fun to me, don't care if it's generic, I'll give it a shot. (no pun intended)

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The german sound samples make me wanna play anything BUT german KSK. ^^

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Yeah i can't wait to play as part of the Danish army or the Jæger corpse (hunting core think SAS) who saw a lot of conflict in both Iraq and Afghanistan. OH wait no MY country is not welcome i guess.

Not that i really care, but when your big draw is PLAY YOUR NATION!!! it kind of fails when your Nation is not part of that especially when it is a nation that have seen a good deal of combat in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Posted by Deranged

This looks absolutely fantastic. Far better than I expected.

Posted by Grimhild

I feel like I missed a vital frame of that video among all the epic music and explosions. They really want me to be excited about... ssssomething... but I'm unclear as to what's actually being implemented other than country-specific uniforms and weapons.

Posted by Rodin

Well, at least they apparently have an aussie uniform, although it will probably look mad generic, cause it is, unless they give it a slouch hat, that's what i want. Also the accent will probably super offensive since we all talk like croc dundee.

Posted by simian

I want no part of this unless the Canadian faction wears goalie masks and melees with lacrosse sticks.

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I want to play as a tier 1 Canadian Mountie.