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I Assume this is how most feel about this week        
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You liked it, I would never have guessed. 

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Looks awesome!

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Oh video reviews, you're so rare, but so worth it.

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Dude, I like Mortal Kombat.

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I want to be playing this so bad.

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sweet! video review right out the gate

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awesome a video review! I can't remember the last one of these... Metroid:Other M????

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Fatalities seem quite tame. I've seen shit in Manhunt that's way worse than this.

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I was on the MK tour bus over the weekend, and it was amazing to see how worked up everyone was when watching the tournament games.  And the X-rays always got you a "daaaaamn!!!"  Even to casual players, there was something cool to see.

Reminded me of watching people crowd around the original arcade cab.  Good, good times.

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No mention of the challenge tower? That seemed like the most interesting thing to me, as someone not really into fighting games, but is pumped for this.

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Oh, hi there, Video Review. It's been so long, I've forgotten what you look like.

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Good review.  My Kollectors copy comes tomorrow!!!!

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That story mode looks tight. Keen as.

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Krypts and Koins? YES. One of my favourite things in MK is taking words that start with a C and replacing it with a K. I hope they bring back the Kart mini-game.

Great review, and great game. Nice one, Jeff.
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 Wow. I was not expecting full-on cutscenes. When they meant story mode I thought it would be something like Konquest mode. I MUST HAVE THIS!

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Looks nicely done, but I think I'll stick with the comic violence of SSFIV.

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Wow, I really did not expect there to be a fleshed-out "campaign" mode in any fighting game.  That looked really cool.  I am Get Hype when I didn't expect to.

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Got my copy on it's way, can't wait. 

Plus some of the alt costumes look awesome. 

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This is gonna be the first fighting game I'm going to play in years. Sounds like an awesome place to jump back into the genre.

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Great review Jeff. I'm excited to hear that this is a fighting game with an actual single player story mode (something that I've missed in recent fighters). 

I was wondering if you tested out any of the 3D stuff. I remember you guys talking about how the environments were done in 3D but not the characters so the spectators could still enjoy the fight and I kind of wanted to know how that stood up.   

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Awesome! Can't hardly wait!!

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I'm not a fighting game fan, but that looks goddamn awesome.

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Oh shit, I love seamless transitions, son.

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The video review returns!

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Makes me wish I could get out of Australia for a bit. This looks great.

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@Ghost_of_Perdition: @GalacticPunt: IRCC They had the same thing in MK vs DCU. Maybe the transitions weren't seamless but I'm sure there were cutscenes.
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awww I was expecting at least one toasty

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So if it's gonna be the 90's again, do you suppose we'll see a new Eternal Champions and FX Fighter?

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Damn that looks good

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@Claude couldn't agree more, so excited to pick it up, especially because it's so jampacked with features, that even if I suck online, there's going to be enough single player content to keep me entertained for months to come. My first fighting game ever/first Mortal Kombat game ever, looks to be a great one!
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I miss video reviews...

@FormulaDeuce said:
*exasperated sigh* it's written "begun".
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It will be interesting to see soem user reviews from people who are not MK fans. I've never been able to get into MK. I played a bit of the first MK on SNES and remember the characters and such, but I could never get into the combat system the way I could with SF. It always felt like it was more about the looks than the gameplay. I also have MK: Deception because I found it dirt cheap a few years back when everyone was getting rid of their stock of XBOX1 games for the new 360 games, but had the same problem of not getting into the fighting system.

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@DarkbeatDK said:
" So if it's gonna be the 90's again, do you suppose we'll see a new Eternal Champions and FX Fighter? "
Not before a new primal rage, wargods, and rise of the robots

Portal what?
Mortal Kombat baby!!!!
This looks so gooood...
i want my copy now

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@Claude said:
" I'm not a fighting game fan, but that looks goddamn awesome. "
Yep. Fortunately I haven't bought into the hype like with Street Fighter 4. I'm not good at them and I don't have the time to get good at them, but this looks like an amazing product.
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Holy shit it looks amazing, that story mode transition with Sonya right into a fight was pretty slick. I'm relieved to hear this turned out amazing, can't wait to pick it and Portal 2 up!

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Never play fighting games, but i might just pick this one up. Can't wait for TNT!!

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Moooother of Christ.  Sounds better than I could have ever hoped.  Can't wait for it to be here in the morning.

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