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I still need help.

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They should have done this with the Wii and the WiiU

Also, this must have been recorded with mics from the dollar store...

Posted by HelicopterSpy

Ooooooohhhhhhhhhh, I get it now.

Posted by drewsdejavu

Why did I watch this?

Posted by notdavid

I want, no, NEED to set this guy on fire.

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Posted by DazzHardy

I made it less than a minute in before the subtle subtext of "hey, get the 3DS instead of the DSi you moron!" made me feel bad for everyone involved in this thing >_>

Posted by Culver

So i'm guessing that they made this due to customer feedback and opinions. I gotta wonder though, do they really have that many people that are confused by this? Also, by showing this vid, it almost seems like it's admitting they messed up in marketing or released something too similar too quickly. Too many eggs in the basket.

Posted by Morbid_Coffee

Look at all those Gameboys.

Posted by Mesoian

Oh man...So instead of making those awesome game trailers for kids like they used to in the 90's, they make buyer guides for 40 something moms.

That's kinda sad....

Posted by Awcko

Which of these gameboys plays the nintendo tapes I want?

Posted by Krataur

Are these those new Gameboy Dual Screens I've heard so much about?

Posted by Alex

Oh god, poor Kit...

Posted by Spoonman671

I need to show my cousin this.  He has no idea which one to get for his daughter.

Posted by Turtlemayor333

Gangster beats in the background

Posted by dOm_CaTz

ooooooooooo man i want style savvy trendsetters...

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@Xeirus said:

They should have done this with the Wii and the WiiU

Also, this must have been recorded with mics from the dollar store...

Edit: I would like @Jeff to quick look Style Savvy Trendsetter and Sparkle Snapshots 3D

Posted by DougQuaid

Oh hello, Kip from Nintendo. ..or was it Kit? or Kid? ..or maybe even Ken? Hard to tell from the stellar production quality of this video

Posted by Bumpton

Why'd they film this in a cave? Nintendo can't afford better mics?

Posted by shatted

Two words: lavalier microphone.

Posted by csl316

The sound quality makes me sad.

Posted by Jack_Lafayette

And Sparkle Snapshots 3D? I'd have to be INSANE to not buy into the Nintendo family of handheld hardware now! And I am! Insane, I mean.

The jauntiness and volume of the music was not in line with the excitement of the pitch itself. Made the whole thing a little more sad than it probably actually was.

Posted by Faltru

Please quick look Sparkle Snapshots 3D.

Posted by Rhete

I'm more confused after watching this than I was before. Awful delivery of information.

Posted by GenghisJohn

Why was this posted?

Posted by BaneFireLord
@notdavid said:
I want, no, NEED to set this guy on fire.
Aww, don't incinerate the poor intern.
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@GenghisJohn said:

Why was this posted?

You really need a reason?

Posted by SSully

The real question this left me with is what color my personality is.

Posted by ildon
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Style Savvy Trendsetters!? YES!!!

Posted by BroodLord

Dat audio.

Posted by Deathpooky

Sure you can get that shitty DSi for less money but LOOK AT ALL THIS STYLE SAVVY TRENDSETTERS YOU'D BE MISSING OUT ON.

Posted by Antipunk217

Which one of these will play my Gamegear games?

Posted by EvanFavreau

@BroodLord said:

Dat audio.


Posted by jonnyboy

Was this recorded on a 3DS?

Posted by BeachThunder

@Morbid_Coffee said:

Look at all those Gameboys.

Hm, I thought they were all iPods.

Posted by FoxMulder

DS Lite 4 LIFE!

Posted by NekuCTR

Writing the script for this:

"hundred of games downloadable through the e-shop like Crashmo and... and.... and.... fuck."

Posted by DS23

Shouldn't they be able to have more of a budget for this?

Posted by TheSouthernDandy

This is so weird. All of this is so weird. What are you doing Nintendo!?!?!

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So If I buy one of these DS things, can my son can play those we u games on his we?

Posted by AmishTechSupport

Was this recorded with the Wii Speak?

Posted by LobotomyKing

"a full range of buttons"

Posted by Kerned

Netflix on my 3DS, eh? I tried that once just to see how bad the picture quality was and couldn't even get a video to start. Don't get me wrong, I love my 3DS, but the idea that anyone would use it to watch movies on Netflix is absurd.

Posted by RE_Player1

I think people who would watch this video on Youtube or Nintendo's website would already be clued in to what their different handhelds are.

Posted by JoeShadows

... why does it look like they recorded this with a webcam? They're fucking Nintendo. Did they seriously not have a halfway decent camcorder laying around? Couldn't afford one from petty cash? I am very confused.

Posted by RollingZeppelin

It looks like they filmed this in that guy's mom's basement.

Posted by Turhaya

I still own and play a DS Phat... I feel old.

Posted by White

Why do we need to get a whole new 3DS for? Just buy that new 3D thing and stick it into our old DS. Saves us a tonne of money!

Posted by Nac

Oh! Oh... They're serious.