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Posted by BrainSpecialist

Looks rad.

Posted by McPaper

Looks interesting

Posted by Monkeyman04

So is this Iron Man meets Master Chief?

Posted by sixpin

The graphics are great and I kinda dig the style. Wonder what the game is like.

Posted by DiGiTaL_SiN

Hmm, cool CG.

Posted by squidracerX

Trailer looks like it would be a rad movie, but can't tell much about the gameplay, as others have said kinda looks like ironman/master chief meets gears of war? not super original, but yeah great art aesthetic in the trailer, very realistic!

Posted by McQuinn

I like the look.  Doesn't showing anything yet though.

Posted by ryuken

yeah I wanted that dude to kick some ass, but he just kinda looks around alot. great looking though....
Posted by Sumbog

wait is dude in white retaliating, or is he part of giant lazer dudes.
Posted by spilledmilkfactory

could be interesting...

Posted by Adziboy

I got a clonetrooper-esque feel from the actual body armour that guy was rocking and the entire trailer felt very 'Halo'. Reminded me a lot of Halo: ODST's trailer, with the shots of the guy in his helmet and running round killing shit.  
I really like the aesthetic though; strong lighting, often coloured; slick armour and the white reminds me of Apple, kinda futuristic-y.
Edited by Sweep

The most generic-looking protagonist I have ever seen? Master Chief mixed with a Storm Trooper and a bit of Iron Man. Oh, and a healthy does of Shadow complex in there as well. The trailer is beautifully made but tells you bugger all about the game.

Posted by Uberjannie

How much doesnt it suck to have ARS on his chest?
Imagine the space marines cheering when the ARSes are coming to the rescue. Good times.

Posted by Alphazero

Hey, what did San Francisco ever do to the space people?

Posted by frans130

So basically your humanities (or at least The United States) last hope of survival, your a supersoldier, the artstyle looks kind of cartony, and clean, and your dude shoots lots of weirdlooking baddies. I could ask "where have I heard this before", but I think I'm gonna go with "where have I NOT heard this before?" 

Posted by Anthony_Galindo

Soooo.... It's a sequel to Shadow Complex then?

Posted by max3000

I hope this game is completely insane like the rest of PG's works.

Posted by SlantedRoom

that didn't tell me shit about the game.. or do i just not know how to read into these things?
Posted by Konanda

Looks interesting, now to see what the game is going to be about.

Posted by ZagZagovich

Dude. It's Platinum games AND Shinji Mikami. You are crazy if you are not pumped up right now. Unless something goes very wrong this game is going to be good in the least.

Posted by misterpope

Reminds me of Shadow Complex kind of.
Posted by Bismarck

Looks badass

Edited by Osaladin

Is it only me or does that suit look exactly like the one in Shadow Complex?
Edit: nevermind, I guess most agree with me.

Posted by DRE7777

That was in engine footage right lol

Posted by Psych0Penguin

looks pretty sick, but have to see gameplay before we can judge it 

Posted by Psynapse

Oh... So its IronMan with an Assault Rifle?

Posted by Antoine420

wtf japanese ppl can't make fps!? this doesn't make any sense to me, but platnium is top notch in my books and bayonetta was sick!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by TheHT

not a great teaser, but it seems to have some big names associated with it. we'll see.

Posted by Persecution

i have no idea why, but i got a pretty big Crysis vibe from the way his super suit looked.
Posted by okuzy

a very well-made trailer, for sure. looks freakin cool and that speech was intense.

Posted by Lind_L_Taylor

The buildings being destroyed singly is too 9/11-ish.

Posted by inkwolf

That reminded me of the intro to Omega Boost.  Anyone else get that too?
Posted by paulosaurus

Live action parts in a goddamn video game trailer?  Seriously?  Generic Japanese bullshit.  Hopefully you'll be able to walk and shoot at the same time in this game, but I won't keep my hopes up.

Posted by pwnasaurus

@Lind_L_Taylor said:

"The buildings being destroyed singly is too 9/11-ish. "


how was that anything like 9/11
Posted by RichieJohn


Posted by MrRojan

It kinda looked like it was a little bit of live action in the way the guy was running w/ a bit of cg layered on top.
Music is haunting.

Posted by mavs
@Antoine420 said:
" wtf japanese ppl can't make fps!? this doesn't make any sense to me, but platnium is top notch in my books and bayonetta was sick!!!!!!!!!!!! "
What makes you think this is first person? It's a Mikami game.
Posted by Jackel2072

im going with 3rd person shooter

Posted by dopeman

what a dumb name.

Posted by Origina1Penguin

I'm not sure why, but I really like that suit design. Very nice CG there as well.

Posted by kagekage

I don't get it.

Posted by Griddler

Never heard of America being called a peaceful country before.

Posted by Sly_Ry

Disorienting trailer if you ask me.
Posted by Centimani

Great. The mechs are attacking and Master Chief has to stop them.
Truthfully, I am interested.

Posted by Terjay

Platinum did great with Bayonetta. I'm expecting a great game.

Posted by afrokola

If Shinji Mikami is directing it, it can't be half bad.

Posted by MeatSim

Japanese Master Chief?

Edited by Roros

The visual style is giving me a bit of that Björk: All is full of love-vibe.
I don't agree that the look is entirely derivative. The sterile white isn't something that was used in either halo or shadow complex. Can't say anything about the actual game though, but hopefully they won't be going down familiar FPS/TPS paths considering the devs aren't known for making those type of games.

Posted by AestheticSynthesis

So Apple makes armor now. Wonderful.

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