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Posted by Woodtsunami

W00t first. But this game looks like flow on crack...

Posted by thedeusmachine

I'm so temped to spoil this game for myself since I don't own a PS3 and it could be a while before I end up playing it.  Do I have the will power? God damn...

Posted by strangeling

That looks nice.  For those times you just want to relax.

Posted by lantus

This game looks beautiful, I can't wait for tomorrow! :)

Posted by ProfessorZombie

I like flowers.... TO EAT!!!!

Posted by chacho89

Wow. this game looks really..... uhm interesting! 

Posted by GeekyDad

I'm really pleased to see more experiences like Flower make their way to gaming consoles. It's definitely a sensation that's out of the norm for your typical gamer, but it very much has its place. Sometimes you just want to rejuvenate and cleanse that soul a bit.

Posted by MeatSim

It just seems kinda boring to me.

Posted by originalgamer

Anyone else think that Jeff is a very strange choice to do the quick look.  If anything I kinda wanted to know how this game looks from his perspective

Edited by AndrewB

Actually, I'm surprised that there's a lot more "game" to this game than I thought there would be, and strangely, that makes it unappealing to me. he problem is, I really hate fly-through gameplay, where if you miss one little collectible, you have to make a U turn and basically break the flow of the game. I agree with Jeff's comment, that it seems more frustrating than calming (not his exact words, but basically the idea).

A game can't stand up on graphics alone, and for me, the only appeal would be in the graphics.

Posted by Agent_Lost

yo bros, I need some tea and save the earth for something. My feng shui is all aligned and stuff.
Peace bros, peace

Posted by SolidEyeSystem

Hmmm, might be getting it.

Posted by bucky

this is probably the best game ever high

Posted by Junpei

probably gonna get this tomorrow, was unsure but I'm liking it.

Posted by erinfizz

So pretty and sweet
I answer in verse
For comments within
Make me want to curse.

or simply... :PPPP at Jeff

Posted by JoblessTerence

Well, it certainly is interesting and original.

Posted by halfameatball

I think it is a buy for me. It was so peaceful to watch just now and it might be a good way to settle myself down after Gears, Halo and Call of Duty matches late at night.

Posted by chililili

Definitely getting tomorrow

Posted by CynageN

This should be made into a screensaver application. A free one.

Posted by sneakysnake128


Posted by Wright

just watching this is calming lol

Posted by TheWorstPlayerEver

That game looks really calming but I think a demo will be enough for me

Posted by JJOR64

Awesome video.  I'm just not sure about that $10 price tag.

Posted by TeflonBilly

Dude, I was totally getting a Magic Carpet vibe from this game too!

Posted by AllanIceman

cool game

Posted by SaucySala

Stop being frugal, 10 bucks for a couple hours of entertainment is nothing.

Posted by MocPac

really pretty

Posted by Kraznor

Can you play your own music over this game if you want to? Kind of want to try it while listening to some Talkie Walkie.

Posted by Valestis

Why can't I shoot flowers in the face? This game is dumb.

Posted by commando2209

The Night Level Brad played at the end, reminded me of Flow!!!

Posted by Death_Burnout

Did ya really have to bring Jeff along so he could take the piss? though i will say the "flow-er" jokes are excellent.

I don't see it as potentially frustrating, at least not any more frustrating than flow was, that often got annoying due to the sixaxis sometimes, but that's about it. seems if i missed something in this, i wouldn't mind.

Posted by Yelix

Are you trying to tell me that thatgamecompany is making a new Magic Carpet?

Posted by Hairydutchman

The game lookst great, but... I don't know.

I think I rather do drugs.

Posted by kainen

wow im going to get this now that i've seen it.   i think the wife would like it

Posted by Media_Master

Very nice, I 'll get it for sure!

Posted by Osaladin

I really want to play this game, if for nothing else than the experience. I wish I had a PS3.

Posted by Kohe321


Posted by DorianBlack

I think I might get this. And I don't know why.

Posted by Pazy

I am so relaxed right now.

Posted by BloodStaindWings

wow, simple ... wow :]

Posted by RHCPfan24

This is a definite buy for me. I don't care how much game there is, it looks like a great experience. Very good video that gave me a good feel for this game.

Posted by borgmaster

it's like visual crack

Posted by TripMasterMunky

LMAO @ "I prefer my poetry to come from the streets"

Posted by ZmillA

Look at all that  grass

Posted by Sunjammer

I really like these quick look videos. They\re somehow way more informative than any review video

Posted by SinGulaR

Sure is artistic but I wouldn't want to pay for a graphic demo.

Posted by Marconi88

I just finished the first level of the game and it's a gorgeous and relaxing game. 

Posted by lordofultima

Brad can make any game look unenjoyable based on how awful he plays them.

Posted by MadExponent

and so it's a game I need to smoke some weed before playing.

Posted by WholeFunShow


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