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cool  new quick look!

Posted by Hagstream

Wow, so few comments!

Posted by Captain9099


Posted by Hannibal

$15 sounds different to me now that I've played Shadow Complex

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Tomatoes aren't watermelons, Vinny >:-0
Dave's not Vinny, me. >:-o

Posted by FrankCanada97

Re-Volt was better.

Posted by Delta_Ass

Forget Shadow Complex, this is the game that deserves your 15$.

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I was totally going to by some jones soda and send it to them until I heard that jeff was so familiar with it.
Also the jeff + Dave QL combo works really good

Posted by kerikxi


Posted by Steve_Ramirez

there are cars. and they smash

Posted by Phished0ne

This game dosent look horrid.....not worth 15 bucks though... 
And Jones Soda is delicious!

Posted by Krenor

not for me

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How did Dave not know about Jones soda? He should be fired from GB.
Also, this actually looks surprisingly fun.

Posted by optic

Good Flip!

Posted by Nadril

We need more Dave quick looks. 
"I'm just sitting here drinking my Diet bleep"

Posted by clapperdude
@FrankCanada97 said:
" Re-Volt was better. "
Re-Volt (PC) has to be the best rc game ive ever played. 
Posted by wrecks

Stompers ruled.

Posted by Brake

Suddenly I have an unexplained urge for Jones soda.

Posted by rmanthorp

This makes me want a ps3 a little xD

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reminds me of a PC game that came out years ago that did the exact same thing here :-/
@FrankCanada97 said:

" Re-Volt was better. "

that's the one :)
Posted by FlappyHands

Definitely seems a bit overpriced. I would certainly consider picking it up if it were a bit cheaper.

Posted by Megafaun

I'm not buying this because people who don't understand the 5 star system are people I'm not business with

Posted by ArbitraryWater

Jones Soda is pretty good. 
Oh, and this game doesn't look terrible.

Posted by Hexogen

Reminds me of Re-Volt, except not as good.

Posted by bigall94

This is one of the funniest Quick Looks ever! Harry Potter is still at the top imo...
Posted by PureRok

I've never heard of Jones soda.

Posted by Bubahula

jones soda is awesome, i know the daughter of the guy who made it :D
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Looks like the N64 game Re-Volt crossed with Excite Truck and Burnout.

Posted by dbz1995

Reminds me of Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battlecars.

Posted by Vitor

If anyone buys this as their only PSN racer in place of Wipeout HD I think I'd actually break something....

Posted by JackiJinx

"In my mind, we're always the Grimace" 
Word, son.


I had EA's Rumble Racing for the PS2 back in the day. I enjoyed the barrel roll and flips it employed as gameplay. And yes $15 does seem too much for this download.

Edited by JeffGoldblum

I love Jones Soda.
Why was there watermelons in the Jones Soda crates?

Posted by animateria
@clapperdude said:
" @FrankCanada97 said:
" Re-Volt was better. "
Re-Volt (PC) has to be the best rc game ive ever played.  "
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Posted by TripMasterMunky

I love how you just pelt people standing on the beach.

Posted by Aaox

Outer space is big. 

Posted by Kraznor

I'm surprised Jeff isn't a fan of Jones soda, as its the only Apple Soda I know of and he mentions those a lot.

Posted by Annev0

YEahhhh!!!! A quick look with Dave XD

Posted by TheGremp

Looks mad Excite Truck.

Posted by Ossi

This game doesn't look so bad, if it was 9.99 I might pick it up. Oh and Jones Sodas are amazing, better than half the crap people promote these days.

Posted by borgmaster
@InFamous91 said:
" DAVE!!!!!!!!!!!! "
Posted by blalala

SUPER SANDWICH! oh, wait..

Posted by Dan_CiTi

Looks fun, but I need to still buy Fat Princess. I'll pick it up when PSN has a sale.

Posted by LosDub

jones made Whoop Ass in a Can soda also
Posted by HeavyMental

now i want to buy this game, and i know i'll play it for 30min and be tired of it

Posted by Coleslaw893

Looks fun, but 15 bucks seems a bit much...

Edited by Kajaah117

Jones is one of the few soda made with good ol' sugar cane. And it's delicious. Can't believe Jeff isn't a fan.

Posted by BlackPuma

Exite Truck anyone?

Posted by Hughes

Hey Jones soda is good.

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