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Happy birthday, Wes Borland.

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Happy Birthday sir.

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It was my birthday yesterday! Happy birthday, Scoops!

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Birthday is good! Glory to Komrade Klepek! Big celebrations in Russia, with real Russian spirit! Is for Olympiks, but you celebrate too! Borscht and vodka all around!

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Happy birthday Patrick.

Posted by scottygrayskull

Next thing you should try to get good at Patrck, is whipping an arrow out of the air. Seriously, you feel like such a badass when you do it. :3

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The dailies are repeating. February 7th is January 14th, I think. It's math based, month times day.

Posted by cooljammer00

And it's runs like today that make Patrick's "if I can't get the chest I just restart" method silly, because you can always find the black market with your eyes and some luck. Bad runs are salvageable!

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It's my birthday tomorrow!

Posted by Max_Cherry

Today's my great grandmother's birthday too! I remember her fondly. Of course, it's not the same year unless Patrick was born in 1896, in which case it is.

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Happy birthday dude.

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Happy Birthday!

I think I've noticed if a stack of 3 gold bars is disrupted somehow—whipped, bombed, etc.—it'll turn into 2 single bars.

Posted by farmboy400

@anonymousbroccoli: It looks that way but you'll get the full value of the stack because the treasure will share the same space or the third bar got sent flying

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So how old is Trick for reals? I hope I'm not older than him.

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Happy birthday Patrick!

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Happy Birthday Patrick.

On the subject of killing the first shopkeeper in Spelunky, I don't think you should ever waste a bomb and rope for it, especially before the Black Market.

If Bananasaurusrex' method is too tricky for you, you can just stand still next to the shopkeeper and hit him. He will get knocked down in the same way, but you don't need to throw him into the air this time. Just take the shotgun that always lands in the same spot, near the item closest to the exit and shoot him. You trade one health, but that's a lot less important than the two resources at that point.

That said the rex method always works if you just pay attention to the items in the shop and move the ones that would interact negatively below the shopkeep. (e.g. climbing gloves, mystery box or another active item in a bad spot).

Posted by TheManWithNoPlan

Happy B-Day Patrick! Great Daily challenge.

Posted by GaddockTeeg

I thought I was the only one that had problems with barbers understand what one inch is. I want to start measuring so I can chart out what an inch means to each person.

Posted by VN1X

Ok Patrick I take back what I said a few days ago (about you making stupid mistakes and all that). Just got the game myself after having seen you play it for about 8 hours now lol and I'm not even close to making it out of the jungle, let alone getting unscathed through the first mines.

Respect #hailscoops

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I didn't like the coach for this one :|

Also as a big Dune fan, I cringe every time they pronounce"Crysknife" wrong.

Posted by AnonymousBroccoli

@farmboy400: Yup, I just tried it in an early level. $1,500 for a 3-bar stack, and the same $1,500 after it's whipped. Though obviously if it's bombed, some of the bars might end up scattered about.

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That's some sweet Bomb Tech for clearing out shopkeepers. Looks a lot safer than the up-close whip approach.

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Herpy birthday! Awesome runs... well... super fun to watch.

Posted by CornRPeople2

Patrick, I think your birthday wish worked on me! Holy smokes! I just beat Yama for the first time ever! On such a high right now!

Posted by AssInAss

Patrick, I think your birthday wish worked on me! Holy smokes! I just beat Yama for the first time ever! On such a high right now!


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Always nice to have other people on the streams with scoops! Also happy birthday!

Posted by sirdesmond

My birthday is also 2/7! Weird and awesome! What year? I'm 1988 over here.

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Wow, Patrick is terrible at figuring out what direction items get sent flying in after an explosion. I don't even know how he lost track of what direction the Golden Idol went in the Jungle on the Daily. And a UFO explosion clearly ricocheted a rock into him but he was somehow confused as to how he got hurt.

Sure, I don't see ricochets coming like some kind of savant, but after they happen I'm always like "Yeeeah, that was stupid, shoulda moved farther away."