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its Zelda

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Hmm. I don't remember hearing anything on this. I won't complain though. The first one was great so I plan on getting this one at some point.

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I'm going to buy it, no doubt.

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The limitations of the DS is ever present in this trailer... 
At least it's honest.

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It looks like there is nothing new here. Same ol Zelda. That being said, I am going to play the fuck out of that game...what the fuck is wrong with me?

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i think I'll just play link's awakening again

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day 1 purchase geeg.

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Even though this game looks awesome I always have a hard time justifiing a purchase of a portable game, I really only play them when I'm out or want to be distracted somewhere that dosn't have a home console.

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No thanks..

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I keep wondering how the train works.  I kind of hope it's an open world map not unlike wind waker, but you get around by drawing magic tracks on the ground like the navigation in phantom hourglass.

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I played the first one and got really bored towards the end, so I was all ready to rag on this and complain that my interest in Zelda had dwindeled over the years but...It looks kinda fun... 

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An adventurer
Is now a train conductor
What the fuck is this?

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If this didn't have the annoying and unnecessary stylus only control I would consider it despite the fact that it looks like another uninspired Nintendo game from a franchise that used to be great.

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I'm so not interested in this game after the last Zelda DS game

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Spirit Track? I smell franchise rape in the air.

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Unlike others on here I liked the first Zelda DS title.  I'll be picking this one up as well.  Looks like more dungeon puzzle fun! 
Flaming Boomerang 
Must be another Zelda 
This will be great fun!
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If they don't have any TIMED GODDAMN DUNGEONS I may be into this game, the new mechanics look kinda cool

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Nintendo seems to have found a way to get me not interested in Zelda, Metroid, or Mario.  Maybe it's just too much of the same or the horrible hardware they make, but flailing my arms about or squinting at tiny screens with a toothpick aren't how i play games.
Nice music though, very Y's sounding.

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Not only did I love PH, I enjoyed the Ocean Temple. Can't wait.

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At 0:30 
Link drifting so hard he crossed over to the Z-Dimension, on a train.

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If you flailed your arms around playing Metroid Prime 3, Galaxy, and TP, then you obviously didn't get very far in the games because that's not how you play them :-P
And how can you honestly say the Wii and DS are horrible hardware?! My DS has been dropped down a flight of steps and still works perfectly. 
I think you're being a little harsh, brah
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@Sumbog said:
" its Zelda "
Its Zelda
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How crap! They just killed Zelda.
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ick!  Looks so ugly.

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Ontopic: game looks awesome, can't believe it's coming out in a month.
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@neon321:  yep, those graph-fucks are fucking ugly.
oops forgot to add the "nintenfail"
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Everything looks awesome to me except the stupid fucking trains.  And did they kill the princess?!?

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The music reminds me a bit of Monkey Island. 
It looks like an interesting game and it being on the DS certainly helps for me, since apart from the PC the DS is the platform I spend the most time on.

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That song made me totally calm, I just hope this game is harder than the hourglass...that was way to easy...

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I'll choose to believe that they didn't kill the princess (and even if they did, I'd be even more praising of Shigeru's talent for bitch slapping the fans of her) but rather that with some item she's managed to get out into the open world, but only as a projection/ghost/something. 
I was interested at GDC to find out how they would handle the Phantoms being under Link's control; I think it's great that Zelda is helping out again, even though in absolutely any game she's in (even Brawl, depending on which one you saved) she never actually does anything to help personally: It always has to be in some different form. Ocarina had her 'helping' as Shiek, Wind Waker can be used as a pseudo argument by saying that it was still Zelda when she was Tetra, and now she seems to only be useful if she's possessing something. But still, at least it's better than Peach, who can't do shit outside of the RPGs. 
Still, as basically everyone is, I'm the most curious as to how the trains are going to work. Are they going to simply be a fast-travel system that equates to the warping, while you can optionally go through that overworld on foot; are they going to be simply a transportation system, while the overworld is the towns that are on either end of the tracks, but there are more of the towns and the towns are more expansive, or is the entire overworld going to be cut off from walking and you can only see it as you're linearly choo-choo-ing along? 
I'm personally hoping that it's the first, but due to the cinematic of Zelda flying alongside the train and having to warp into Link's body for the sequence where he gets inside the train, I'd hazard a guess at it being the second option of having larger and more plentiful towns, while the trains are the transportation between those places that are so much more expansive than the towns in previous games. But then the DS' hardware limitations are brought into play, and the possibility of the overworld being only accessible by train sequences is viable as well. 
In any case, I'll still get the game, and it will be given a high score by most gaming websites, and Yahtzee will despise it, and fanboys of Microsoft and Sony will bash it and Nintendo in general, and Nintendo fanboys will never be satiated for the rest of their lives and die unfulfilled, and the sky will still be above us, and the new Transformers movies will still be terrible and life will still go on.

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Looks solid.  As long as there isn't a dungeon I have to do 23457349763 times, I might get it.

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@Haru48 said:
" @Sumbog said:
" its Zelda "
Its Zelda "
Its Zelda.
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Did Zelda's ghost fly into Link's pants? 2:18

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i may get this just get this because i absolutely love all the zelda games

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do want

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@Synthballs: Its fucking zelda !!!!!!!!!!!
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I like the spirit possession adding a new layer to some of the gameplay but still not understanding how steam locomotives relate to the Zelda franchise (not played much beyond the first LoZ) . I wouldn't be surprised to see this as the start of Nintendo whoring out Link to all kinds of games as Donkey Kong, Mario & Sonic.
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for a moment there i thought this was Fullmetal Alchemist THE GAME train edition (tm)

still looks kinda cool

hey bro we need to find al's.. zelda's body.

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Is Thomas the Tank Engine going to be a boss?

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Mother 3 rope snakes FTW?!

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Is that rope snake?!

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I know I'll get this.

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I know it's not about the graphics, but did anyone look at this and say, "Why are they still trying to do traditional 3D on the DS?" I mean, with games like Ni no Kuni (Ghibli/Level5) coming, it amazes me when they try to cram that piss poor 3D down our throats.
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I totally forgot that this game was coming out this year. I don't think I can care much for this one; sea > trains. However, the Water Temple thing sucked in the last one. I wonder if it is in this one too.