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Posted by Mandrewgora

tell tales the walking dead

Posted by Tylea002

Alex, you're damn right. This is a pile of the poop.

Posted by Sweep

Live demo, folks?

Posted by TheLegendOfMart

Good lord that looks terrible. No hands/feet walking down ladders?

Posted by pbhawks45

This looks like a crummy mod.

Posted by Darth_Cuddles

oh dear

Posted by Shivoa

Wow, I was convinced this was a fake when I saw it on YouTube (without the final credit card).

Does not look promising!

Posted by Voxus

This is an iOS game right?

Posted by Wampa1

Thanks for reminding me I spent £20 on Road to fiddlers...

Posted by Happenstance

Completely put me off this game. I'll be happy sticking with Telltale's version.

Posted by MrGtD

I bet it will sell a million copies. Just you wait.

(it'll still suck)

Posted by AlisterCat

Is this Dead Island: Even Worse Edition?

Posted by JoeyRavn

Game of the Year 2013.

Posted by Darkslayer16

Man.. that looks like shit. Sadly it will probably sell well.

Posted by louiedog

It looks like it was designed in 2004-2005, held back for some visual enhancement, and released as a launch title for the current generation.

Posted by fazzle

Wait, this is something they INTENTIONALLY chose to release? This looks like footage of someone fucking with the game, trying to see how they can break it.

Posted by Thomper

Man, that's the weirdest looking trailer I've seen in a while. The zombies look like they're made of plastic, the music and the lack of any other sound is.... weirdly off-putting, and instead of looking 'scary' (if that's even the goal) the whole thing just looks aimless. So I just walk around the zombies and push an axe into them once in a while?

Posted by Rasmoss

I've played this Call of Duty map.

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Posted by MeatSim

Activision Don't Care

Posted by Ezekeilpurger

Holy shit this is the worst trailer

Posted by BeachThunder

So, they made a new game featuring the worst parts of Telltale's game? :o

Posted by LobsterMobster

Did you like Telltale's The Walking Dead, winner of several game of the year awards? Well now you can play a much worse version for three times the price! Yay!

Posted by Asmo917

This is all pre-alpha footage, right? More to come when they hit the stretch goals on their Kickstarter?

Posted by MariachiMacabre

Dear god that looks atrocious.

Posted by Napalm

To give you guys some perspective, this was the same company that did Kinect Star Wars.

Posted by jdh5153

@LobsterMobster: Um, at least you can control your freaking character in this version.

Posted by Aronleon

Yeah no thanks, I'll keep my money for good stuff like getting hunked.

Posted by bonbolapti

Sure it could be a competent enough shooter or whatever, but what about it is going to make me associate it with walking dead? If you spend more time running around killing stuff then developing character, then is already loses focus on the Brand.

Posted by WileyS

Holy crap, everything about this is looks horrible.

Posted by Milkman

I hate everything about this game. I hate how it looks like absolute dog shit. I hate that it's a cheap and disgusting cash-in on Telltale's success. And I hate that this piece of shit will outsell Telltale's game.

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This looks like a call of duty 2 mod. Whats with all the plastic hair?

Posted by buhssuht

that is some bad trailer

Posted by bakonon

This already looks like 2013's 2001 game of the year.

Posted by Flappy

Hey guys! This looks pretty bad! Lookit those animations.

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And here I was thinking Alex was being all melodramatic with the title and caption. Good show Terminal Reality, this looks far better than Spy Hunter: Nowhere to Run!

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This is just a stunt, I know it. This is just a trailer made to create controversy behind the game. It's got to be... This is not possible.

Posted by AlwaysBeClothing

So its a slower Dead Island with Diablo music?

Posted by DeathbyYeti

Hey look, they are getting the television show's audience

Posted by Draxyle

It really seems bizarre that Activision has so readily embraced and contributed to the terrible licensed game market. It's not like they can't afford to do a halfway decent job with these titles.

Posted by ripelivejam

holy shit gary sinise!

Posted by blackhrt86

So they're releasing this in honor of the final PS2 shipping?

Posted by grendelpierat

They could not have released this trailer at a better time, can't wait to see Activision push this at E3 in a few months.

Posted by MasterRain

I'm 100% serious when I say this looks worse than a fan made mod trailer.

It looks like a zombie mod for some late 2000s shooter, with a 28 days later rip off soundtrack. Terrible.

Posted by DougQuaid

Fuck your plastic hair, zombies.

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Lol this looks real bad, are they trying to capitalize on the fame the other Walking Dead game has gained over the past couple weeks? Because this trailer shouldn't have been released, really poor job.

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I had been saying prior to this that people shouldn't dismiss the game before playing it...

I take all of that back. Dismiss away.