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Posted by Kaigan

Feed that MAG.

Posted by iceman228433

Yay Phantasy Star Online 2

Posted by biggiedubs






Posted by Recall

Amazing game is amazing

Posted by The_BrownGhost

I've never been so confused!

Posted by JayCee


/Say Giant Bomb meme

/Save the Universe

Posted by Fattony12000

Ugh, I shouldn't have gone to sleep whilst this this bastard was live.

Posted by Doctorzenz

tittyfucking69, huh

Posted by MordeaniisChaos

Downloading this in high gives me a file that is 1000MB on the dot. Awesome!

Posted by Calitar

Yay! I got into the screencap. :D

Posted by ericjohnson

Ph Ph Ph Ph Phantasy.-Ludicris

Edited by Rapid

@biggiedubs said:













Posted by MAD_JIHAD


Posted by biggiedubs

@Rapid: WHAT?!

0 out of 5.

Posted by Bocom

/la dance1

/la dance2

Posted by vorpalparasite


Posted by Darthozzan

Feed the MAG, then dance.

Posted by Grissefar

A-HA is this our chance?

I'm sorry, could you do another take?

Posted by Overbite

The 3D didn't work. Mr. Jeff

Posted by AlwaysBeClothing


Posted by ajamafalous

Sound on this video is so damn low.

Edited by Rapid

Was still at work yesterday, wish I could have joined the dance.

Edit : Just realized Jeff's character's voice is the same guy who does the Kamen Rider Double Henshin call outs.

Posted by Bistromath

All games need synchronized dancing.

Posted by DjCmeP

What was the filthy name?

I couldn't find it

Edited by Fat_Irish7890


What was the filthy name?

I couldn't find it

titty_fucking069 or something close to that. the dude is in the back behind the dancers.

Posted by DjCmeP

@Fat_Irish7890: Thanks

Posted by Draxyle

This might have sold me on the game. Not as hilarious as last week, but a highly informative TNT. It's nice to see it used to delve deeper in these more (somewhat) unknown quantities.

Posted by cbarnes86

Nice... I walk away and come back and say, "When did the other Brad get there?"

Posted by Clarke

"Time 2 Put On My Rape Shoes"

Posted by JamesJeux007

Up Down Up Down Chuu! Chuu! Chuu!

Posted by theimmortalbum

Brad Muir!

Edited by mikeful

3D thingy worked but needs some color balancing. Thanks for the TNT.

Posted by PhantomGardener

@Doctorzenz said:

tittyfucking69, huh

best/worst nickname ever?

Posted by bacongames

Man, I gotta say I'm loving what PSO2 has brought to the site in terms of content and discussions.

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"They don't have the mushroomy [robot] head."


Posted by Martdawg

3D Brad is all I ever dreamed of

Posted by Xeirus

Man the sound on this........ can't hear anything

Posted by Xymox

man... 3D-RYAN. I can't decide if it's the best kind of Ryan. Although the before-the-stream-Ryan is pretty sweet as well.

Posted by xite

Brad Muir should be in every video.

Posted by Iodine

I never had PSO1 but based on memories of friends who did and this I would be interdarested in this for 'Murika

Posted by Edmundus

@Clarke said:

"Time 2 Put On My Rape Shoes"

Couldn't stop laughing when that popped up.

Posted by Lifendz

Must've been recorded really low because I can barely hear this...even with the volume all the way up.

Edited by csl316

So some of the better parts of MMO's, plus a cool battle system, minus a lot of annoying MMO crap. What's not to love, I say.

Also, it consistently looks like Ryan's looking at Brad's crotch.

Posted by triviaman09

I thought this beta was only going at weird times (in the U.S.). Is it up all the time now?

Posted by Milkman

Is it just me or is the volume extremely low?

Posted by DJMattB241

@Milkman: The volume is extremely low. Correct. I fear for when I get an email notification. Will probably make me pee a little.

Posted by Robo

@Milkman: Yep. Seems like it's been that way for a while now with their live stuff.

Posted by Sammo21


Posted by Crelio

I am lightning, the rain transformed???????????

Posted by _Chad

I looked for the dirty name for a few minutes then I saw it. Awesome.

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