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We need more civilian vehicles! I need to drive one of those petrol trucks!

...and then crash it into people.

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Consider yourself advised.

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Forklift always beats jet.

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looks like more badass battlefield moments, I can't wait.

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Can we just get a fucking release date already? Jesus titty-fucking Christ!

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Hell yeah, more Battlefield is always welcome.

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@jakob187 said:

Can we just get a fucking release date already? Jesus titty-fucking Christ!


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It's disquieting that I'm more excited to play the maps I played to death years ago in BF2 rather than jump on BF3 now and play the current selection.

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oh shit yes, civilian vehicles!!

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I always wondered why I couldn't run over people with all those tankers lying around.

also, too bad none of the console versions have experiences like this. I might as well trade my 360 copy in and wait to play when I build my new PC next year.

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My favorite Battlefield map, all it's missing is the bf2 loading music. There's so little personality with the bf3 soundtrack.

Also, sniper rifles didn't work nearly as well as they do in bf3 so that crane and the hotel are going to be a BITCH.

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I can't wait for this pack to come out.

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I love Battlefield 3 but Skyrim hasn't left my Xbox since the 11th. This dlc might change that (temporarily).

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sweet i loved gulf of omen

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Damn, I haven't played BF3 since the 7th. MW3 came out. Played that for a day or two. Then logged onto the GB NA servers to find they were empty and it's been that way ever since. Hopefully this will bring the community back. Playing on random servers full of racists and fucktards is no fun. Also, I want to ride a skateboard in BF3.

Y U NO turn up for the community nights?

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Fuck!..... That's like probably the best trailer i've ever seen... for anything..... EVER

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@cikame: The BF2 music is timeless but I still really like the music in BF3. It would be a great touch to make it play during a map load though. I would love that.

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I hope the Large Conquest version of Oman is the same size as the original 64 player version. I have a feeling they're going to condense it down pretty tightly to mostly the area with the buildings. Same for the rest of the maps. Tell me I'm wrong.

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WHEN? The maps were great in their time, and look amazing here. We just need to know when we get our grubby little paws on it so we can start blowing shit up!

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Such an awesome map. Loved playing it in BF2. Looking forward to playing the upgraded version in BF3.

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That jet looks awkward as hell.

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Looks great. Can't wait to download it on the ps3.

This has easily become one of my favorite multiplayer games to play this year!

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Dat forklift

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OH MAN, its... its...

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Heheh. Dozens and dozens of hours spent in the BF2 demo eventually got me to buy the full game, but I still think I spent more time in the demo than the actual game.
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i want to see Wake Island next.

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Can't wait for this, be great to play these maps. Never played BF2 but the maps are held in such high regard I just know they are going to be awesome.

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That is a Bobcat JC65 Skid Loader. NOT a forklift.

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Reminds me how i spent hours playing the BF2 demo and never actually bought BF2.