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Posted by ThatOneDudeNick

I'm digging it.

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"Creative Brutality" is the best marketing term I've heard in quite a while.

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Posted by ep_driver

Excited for this. Looks a lot like Dead Island...but good.

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Posted by GermanBomber

I didn't like Dead Island at all, for some reason the combat felt really unsatisfying to me, I didn't like the narration either. I wanted to love that game, since I'm a zombie fan, but I actually hated it. Dying Light looks better, for sure, but it's made by Techland soooo...dunno.

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Posted by Mr_Creeper

Excited for this. Looks a lot like Dead Island...but good.

I'm in that same boat. I actually liked Dead Island, even with all it's flaws. Hopefully this'll be what that game was meant to.

"Creative Brutality" is the best marketing term I've heard in quite a while.

It is grand, isn't it?

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Looks like the Game is taking a less serious tone with the combat and movement. Still realistic in look but goofy by nature. Even the character customization has a silly vibe to it. I hope the quest design can follow through, dead island's was terrible.

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Warner Brothers looks like they've perfected the, blandest-game-ever formula. Between this and Shadow of Mordor, they've got some seriously expensive snore-fests on the horizon.

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I may have to put this on my wishlist.

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I really hope that clone I have ordered is going to be ready in time to help me play all the games which are coming out next year...

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I'm way over zombies at this point, but whatever man, this looks cool.

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I'm a sucker for anything that can be described like "Mirror's Edge but with X" even if that game is made by the same people who created such masterpieces as Dead Island and Dead Island: Zombies in a Swamp in a Jungle.

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Could this be the zombie game that Mr. Gerstmann actually likes because of the fluid fast-paced movement???

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Age-gates are up there on the list of stupid things created for the internet.

A warning should suffice.

I would pay to be the fly on the wall when an underage kid backs off when confronted with one of these.

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Kinda makes Dead Island 2 all the more redundant now that it also looks to feature 4-player coop. Though Dead Island 2's coop is said to go to eight players, but still. I guess Dying Light has its survival horror aspect during the night time, whereas Dead Island 2 is basically going full steam ahead with the ludicrous power fantasy style of zombie game.

I feel for Deep Silver anywhoo, because between this parkour-focused zombie game and their silly dumb zombie game, the parkour one obviously comes across as infinitely more interesting.

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Noooooooooo! Not friends!

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Also, fuck friends

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GOTY runner-up!

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Only liked the parkour from what I played of it. If analog combat has been removed in the final game like it was in the EGX demo, then fuck that.

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Posted by Bernoulli

I was a fan of the first two Dead Island games and this looks great too but how does this differ from Dead Island 2? I don't really get why both are going to exist.

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Posted by nasseh

Does snapping a zombie's neck kill it?

Anyway, look interesting, I'd love to play it in co-op.

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Posted by JuanSolo

I don't get why they just didn't name this Dead Island 2

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@juansolo: bc there already is a game called dead island 2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=taQ3Rjm7k-U

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Posted by JuanSolo

@grimreefz: I know, but Daylight was announced and shown way before Dead Island 2 and could easily have been it.

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Posted by JohnRabbit

@juansolo: because Deep Silver owns the Dead Island franchise. this is the same developer as Dead Island (Techland) but is being published by Warner Bros.

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Posted by Crelio

Parkour is not enough to get me back into zombies, I guess i'm still overloaded from my Left 4 Dead days...

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Hell yes, I'll play this. I hope this whole Dead Island 2 name confusion won't steal away customers from this proper Techland sequel.

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@pappafost: whats that about fast moving zombie fluids?

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Posted by golguin

I really enjoyed Dead Island and Mirror's Edge so this is the perfect combo. Environmental traversal and combat looks great.

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Posted by Humanity

I hope they make a collectors edition with a statue of a girls zombie butt this time around to stir up endless waves of controversy over dumb plastic memorabilia.

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Posted by Sammo21

Wow, remember when this was billed as a 4/14 release? :|

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Posted by Jazz_Lafayette

How is it that when zombie games set themselves in locations where the zombie legions might sensibly be primarily non-white, the protagonists still manage to be white dudes?