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Hello everyone! The Guild Leader for the US Giant Bomb Community Guild "Bomb Squad" here to let everyone know that all Whiskey people are welcomed to join! We have a very active dungeon and raid community based around tasteless Giant Bomb and Tested jokes. You can expect a lot of TNT talk, discussing the latest Bomb Cast and help with all your WoW needs.

We are 12 out of 12 (pre patch) on Cata Raids, 5 out of 7 in Firelands and have a maxed level person in every profession. We also love to just sit around and chat or do random dungeons for the luls, both hardcore and casual welcomed!

You can find us on US-Ysera Horde! /who Bomb Squad and ask for an invite while telling them your a duder!!

Hope to see you on!

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We are now 6/7 in firelands!

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