Clearing the 360's cache: What does it do and is it worth it?

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From time to time I hear someone mention that they cleared their 360's system cache, particularly with an older model. How does one go about this, is it worth it, and are there any negative effects to doing this? I have a 360 slim and I don't know if this would apply to me. Could someone fill me in on this? Thanks.

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Go to the Xbox Dashboard, and go to system settings select Memory and hard drive and press Y.

Clearing the cache is a simple process, and can be useful if the system seems sluggish, unresponsive, or you just need to get rid of a game update (for whatever reason).

All downloaded game updates will be removed. So if you have downloaded an auto-update for a game, in order to play it on Xbox Live you will need to re-download it.

User game saves, profiles, demos, videos, etc. are not deleted during the process. hope this helps :)

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its like your pc, when you fill it to a certain extent it slows the 360 down and or even can prevent you from getting updates right, i had to do this to my 2nd xbox360-i have 4 -1 slim 3 phats and the one kept getting an error message when trying downloading the new update, so i cleared caches it worked, so just so ya know it wont hurt it actually is recommended that you do not have 2 00 plus downloaded updates or so cause like poster said this slows the system down ,

over time it can be so slow that it cant download big updates , all you gotta do is go to memory press y click on clear system cache all it does is remove all the updates you downloaded for games, helpful for games you dont play any more ,

might even free up some space, cuase i remember 1 time i had 2 gigs worth of downloaded updates , once i cleared it i had 2 gigs back , so ya that stuff takes memory , and when your drive is near full this is when it starts slowing down

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