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An Excellent Adventure!

12 Is Better Than 6 didn't take me very long to complete. Maybe 4 hours if you can trust Steam, but I feel like it took a bit less than that. I didn't expect the game to take very long, and I can happily report that upon finishing it I was craving more gameplay! I didn't leave disappointed at all and I think that says volumes for a game that isn't lengthy. If you can fit a tight, fun adventure in a short time and leave people feeling good then I'd say the game was a success. What did I like so much about this game that left me satisfied? Find out below!

This game has style. Seriously cool style in fact. It doesn't have large explosions, or fancy graphics, but it certainly brings it's own brand of style to the table. Graphically it's fairly low key and that's totally okay. The game looks great with it's minimalist approach. Everything looks like a drawing that wasn't filled in completely and it's a very striking visual especially when you combine it with bright blood splatter that spills all over the black and white levels. I also really dig the music! It's got flair and the soundtrack was definitely influenced by the setting of the game which covers Mexico and Texas back during the Wild West.

The writing is great too. Even though there were no voice-overs all of the characters had their own interesting set of dialogue and all felt unique in their own way. No one really likes the main character and they let it be known through their open threats and downright disgust at him for being a Mexican. To counteract that, our main character, Juan, doesn't back down at all and the writing for his character is sharp and witty. He's constantly threatening to murder someone who gets in his way and has a real direct approach to dealing with the enemies in the game.

If you've played Hotline Miami you will be familiar with this game for the most part. The levels are fairly well laid out and the action is always frenetic as you're dodging the best you can while laying waste to your enemies. Combat is interesting because you have to right click each time you want to fire since the weapons aren't automatic. It definitely makes for more intense situations as you're facing down a group of enemies and making sure you right click at the right time to kill your foe. Ammo is also treated neatly as you'll pick up weapons of the same type and hold R to collect all the ammo and then pick up the weapon you were using to replenish your supply. I think it certainly adds a level of depth to combat.

Overall, 12 Is Better Than 6 is a supremely fun game above all else. It may not wow people with the story or the gameplay but I think it holds it's own fairly easily. I definitely recommend everyone check this game out for a fast, frantic, and fun adventure that you definitely don't want to miss!

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