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While Dejobaan Games were developing Aaaaa!, they came up with an algorithm to randomly generate objects and designs for levels of the game. They decided to develop this tool further and use it in their next game. In June 2010, they released the first video showing their latest game, then called "ooo! ooO! oOO! OOO!". However, around December 2010, with the release of a new trailer, the final and current title was decided. The game is also shortly referred to as "Kick It". Earlier in the year, Dejobaan had released two small games which were early prototypes; they were distributed freely to newsletter subscribers via e-mail, and were titled "TAPtapTAPtapTAPtapTAP" and "Dejobaan’s Easiest Video Game Ever".


Always be falling
Always be falling

The game was made available for pre-order in late 2010 at a reduced price, and all early adopters were given a pre-release alpha version of the game to try out. Players were encouraged to share their experience with the game and also give suggestions to what additional features the game should have. The Alpha was updated a few times to suit changes and requests, and was also improved in making levels that fit the songs being played. Dejobaan have not given a release date, and even the release window seems unclear. Ichiro Lambe, president of Dejobaan Games, stated that the game's completion could take a month, or three or even more. However, the game was added to Steam in April 2011 despite it being incomplete; the store page currently states:

Dejobaan will continue to polish the game -- with your feedback -- 'till it’s as smooth and silky as an ugly baby's bottom for launch in 2012.

The game was updated intermittently based on user feedback, though the updates became spaced further and further apart, with very small updates being spaced months apart. An explanation for this came in late December 2012, when it was announced that the game was been moved to the Unity Engine from Dejobaan's proprietary engine. In this new iteration of the game, the gameplay was stripped down considerably, with more complexity being added in subsequent updates. Information and feedback for updates is found on the game's Steam forum.

Despite the release date quoted above, the game has still not been fully released as of September 2013.


Although early builds of the game didn't include plans for any story at all, a story was added as development continued.

The game takes place in an area 5 kilometers above the city of Boston, known as Boston Sky. This is a very similar concept to that of Dejobaan's previous game Aaaaa!, and may in fact take place in the same universe, although no official mention of this has been made.

The player plays as a BASE jumper named Azumi Pentak. She was born blind, but was given sight through technology, and has used this technology to broadcast what she sees as she jumps to millions. At first the game has no music, but becomes available after a suggestion from one of Azumi's fans. The following level has more exposition about the world the game takes place in, as Azumi sings a song about the dystopian future she lives in. Following this, the player is able to play using their own music.

As the game is still incomplete, the story is still subject to expansion or change or possibly deletion as time goes on.


The player starts by choosing a song from their hard drive, and the game uses an algorithm to create a level based on the song. Once in the level, the gameplay consists of the player falling from the sky while moving close to objects for points, or in some cases, depending on the music played, fighting off monsters and enemies by shooting them. There are also adjustable settings for the player to create desired effect, tweaking the level to their liking.

The original alpha version of the game also included level progression in the form of cities. The first city introduces the basic mechanics of the game, the second city will add a new element, and so on. As players progress through these cities, the game's difficulty will increase, going from relaxed gameplay to a more challenging and competitive pace, where the player will have to make snap decisions to avoid obstacles and choose the right path to maximise their high score.

The latest iterations of the game have varied wildly in scope. The first version of the game released to the public on the Unity Engine was a very stripped down version of the game, with the city concept and enemies removed entirely. As more development followed, the game regained the city concept and the ability to use modifiers to create custom levels based on some of the city templates the game comes with.

Further updates included the addition of a story and more gameplay ideas. The gameplay has become more similar to the hugs and kisses system used in Aaaaa!, with more attention paid to a player's orientation relative to the objects that they are getting close to. The game now also includes built-in streaming through Twitch.

At the current level of development, Dejobaan Games is putting as many different concepts into the game in the form of new cities, and is actively seeking out comments from players on what is working and what isn't.

As the game is still in an alpha state, it is not yet known if mechanics from previous builds of the game, such as shooting enemies, will be brought back, or if all new mechanics will be introduced as the development continues.


Within days of the alpha release, someone had already modded the game, creating their own custom level. While the developers were slightly surprised by this, they embraced it and praised it. They decided to encourage modding, stating that it's a feature they hope players would take advantage of.

As of an update in July 2013, the game has included a level called City 5, which runs off a script file that is easily manipulated by players. Dejobaan encourages the manipulation of this script and wants to see what players come up with, for possible use as a regular game mode.

PC System Requirements

  • OS: Windows XP/Vista/ 7
  • Processor: 1.5 GHz Dual Core
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Graphics Card: 3D card with 512 MB memory, DirectX 9.0c
  • Hard Drive: 500 MB

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