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    Game » consists of 12 releases. Released 1986

    A Darts game that was developed by Binary Design and published under different names(180, Pub Darts, World Darts) for various platforms.

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    180 is a Darts game that was developed by Binary Design and published in the UK by M.A.D.(a subsidiary of Mastertronic) for the 8-bit platforms Amstrad CPC, Atari 8-bit, Commodore 64, MSX and ZX Spectrum. In the USA this game was published for the Commodore 64 by Entertainment USA(also a subsidiary of Mastertronic) under the name Pub Darts.

    Based on the 8-bit Binary Design release Zippo Games developed in 1988 an Arcade version named World Darts for Mastertronic's "Arcadia Super Select System". The Arcadia multiplay coin-ops, which are based on the Amiga 500 , came in two formats, Sports Simulation & Arcade Action, and contained 5 games each. Reportedly there was a 10 game machine that combined the two formats also.

    The 16-bit versions for Amiga, Atari ST and PC followed in 1988, also named World Darts, and were published directly by Mastertronic.


    In 180 players compete is a simulation of real world darts. Players compete to reach 501 points over the course of a best of three set. The game can be played either single player against a random computer opponent or against another human player.

    When playing the game a hand cursor will travel across the screen in a random way and the player must hit the button to throw the dart.

    Computer Opponents

    When playing Championship Knockout mode against a computer controller opponent, a random opponent will be chosen. Each character has their own personality and style.


    Sinclair User12/198687ZX Spectrum5 out of 5100
    Graham TaylorEnglish
    Your Sinclair01/198747ZX Spectrum9 out of 1090
    C+VG (Computer + Video Games)04/198736C648.8 out of 1088ChrisEnglish
    Amtix01/1987129Amstrad CPC85 out of 10085
    Commodore User12/198641C648 out of 1080
    Ferdy HamiltonEnglish
    Your Computer12/198648Various4 out of 580
    Daniel McGrathEnglish
    Crash12/198636ZX Spectrum72 out of 10072
    Zzap12/1986163C6470 out of 10070
    Your Commodore01/198742C647 out of 1070
    Commodore User08/198850,51Amiga7 out of 1070
    Gary WhittaEnglish
    ACE (Advanced Computer Entertainment)03/199048PC675 out of 100068
    Laurence ScotfrordEnglish
    ASM (Aktueller Software Markt)01/198735C646.7 out of 1067
    Manfred KleimannGerman
    Micro Hobby01/198720,21ZX Spectrum6.7 out of 1067
    Amstrad Action02/198763Amstrad CPC67 out of 10067
    CB, BWEnglish
    Tilt10/198867Amiga13 out of 2065
    ST Action09/198870Atari ST57 out of 10057
    SM, JSEnglish
    The Games Machine09/198872Atari ST57 out of 10057
    The Games Machine08/198858Amiga55 out of 10055
    Happy Computer Sonderheft 17198796C6444 out of 10044
    Gregor Neuman, Heinrich LenhardtGerman
    Generation 410/198852Amiga35 out of 10035
    Zzap10/198886Amiga31 out of 10031
    Gordon Houghton, Maff EvansEnglish
    Popular Computing Weekly10/30/198633ZX Spectrum--
    ZX Computing02/198739ZX SpectrumGroan-
    ACE (Advanced Computer Entertainment)11/198783Amstrad CPC, C64, ZX Spectrum---English

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