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3D SexVilla 2 is a simulator built around the premise of having virtual sexual intercourse with a group of women. The player can choose an avatar (male or female), a female partner, location, and can even customize the available models' clothing, appearance, and anatomy.

Know your audience.
Know your audience.

While the game gives the player the option to jump right into a random 'scene' and even customize one, there are a few other gameplay variations. SexVilla 2 includes a "Story Mode", which has little-to-no continuity in between them, which plays out like a simplified eroge game, inevitably leading to intercourse with the player's chosen partner. Also included is a sequencer, which allows the player to make their own in-game adult videos with use of a editor and timeline.

While free to download the game requires an account with GameErotica to use, which is also free. However, players must buy SexCoins to acquire certain items and modes.

Customize Mode

"Things that make you go: BUGH!"

At the character selection screen, and at anytime during gameplay, players can customize both male and female models to suit their 'needs'. Which the game has plenty of pre-selected outfits, players can create their own outfits pieced together from those already available. Make-up, tattoos, piercings,and additional sensual items can be given to the characters.

Anatomy-wise, the player can change few things. They can change the face, hair, age, ethnicity, nationality, voice, and even the realistic nature of the caricature. Players can also change the faces with a more detailed option, similar to the character customization from the Saint's Row franchise. Of course, players can also change the appearance and sizes of a model's sexual parts. Female models have a special option named "Breast Atomic Size" which increases the breast size to exaggerated proportions; though it causes issues with clipping and becomes hidden when the model is clothed.

Recent updates now give the player the option create their own poses.

Things like height and weight cannot be changed.


Players can choose three different models: one to represent the user ("MySelf"), their partner ("SexMate"), and an addional model for threesome scenes. ("3SomeMate") As mentioned earlier, they can be customized at the select screen or one the fly during gameplay. When the scene starts, players can choose a vararity of "poses" to put their models (usually the partner) in. These poses include stationary, foreplay, sexual moves, and threesome poses. Some locations also offer special poses based on items in the enviroment.

Players can set any scenario in a variety of places. These locations include (but are not limited to) typical areas like a bedroom, a bathroom, and a beach. However, players can choose to fornicate in more 'eccentric' areas like a barn, a fetish club, an airplane, on the deck of a pirate ship, and a stage.

Players may also use a varity of 'toys' on thier models. These mostly include an assortment of dildos including vibrators and phallic-shaped substitutes like a cigar and a banana. Additional objects like a whip and a ice cube can also be used. The player may also use a tounge or a hand as a 'toy'.

Also, players can do a few other things like move the camera around, take pictures, and change the camera location into first-person to look through the eyes of the model himself/herself.

User-Made Content

Like other ThrillXXX games, Sexvilla is open-source. Users can share their in-game videos and screenshots as well as submit customized skins, outfits, and poses. Moreover it is possible to take part in rankings and competitions on Gamerotica community.

Additional Notes

  • The game is PC exclusive, with TrillXXX hinting no interest for a release on any other platform.
  • ThrillXXX has also released games that use the same engine as 3D SexVilla, only for different fetishes and niches.
  • The game is programmed to work with a few external devices, like a USB version of the Fleshlight.
  • The GiantBomb user who wrote the bulk of this article truly has no dignity. Be thankful: now you know about SexVilla 2.

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