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3on3 Freestyle is an online multi-player street basketball game that allows players to team up as a 3-person basketball team, matched against other 3-person teams online.

The game supports up to 6-player couch or co-op play.


The game is free to download for Playstation 4 and Xbox One.


  • Game is first announced to be developed in November 2014.
  • Trailer first revealed at the Tokyo Game Show 2015.
  • First hands on demo was showcased at PlayStation Experience 2015. At the show, game was playable with 6 characters.
  • Gameplay footage was first revealed by Gamespot in July 2016.
  • First invitational test was held on PlayStation 4 with 10 available characters on October 2016 by players who received invitation code.
  • Game's website and IGN distributed invitation code to limited number of gamers.
  • Second hands on demo was showcased at PlayStation Experience 2016 with 15 characters.
  • Open beta test was launched soon after the PlayStation Experience in December 2016.


3on3 Freestyle offers 29 characters in 5 different positions.

Small ForwardAmandaJoeyWilliamCarterRebeccaSaru
Power ForwardClarkeMurdockLuluMaxFei
CenterLutherBig DogLeeChristaJimmyBig Joe
Point GuardHelenaCindyPedroProfessorLittle FoxGinger
Shooting GuardKimCarolinaFredRinJasonWalker

Even in same position, each character has different attributes and playstyle. For example, among centers, Luther is a block and rebound-oriented character who is mainly for defense; Big Dog is a passing-oriented character who makes chances for teammates to shoot; and Lee is a shooting-oriented character who can pull opposing centers away from the basket.

Players can level up each character up to level 10 to increase their character attributes. Once reach maximum level players can choose to prestige the character. Once prestiged, character level will be reset to level 1, but the character gains an additional skill. Character can be prestiged up to 5 times.


Each character has 15 attributes in 7 categories.

Jump shotClose range shotMid range shot3 point shot
LayupShort distance layupLong distance layup
DunkShort distance dunkLong distance dunk
DefenseStealDrive in shot blockJump shot block

These attributes define the characteristic and strategy of each character. As 3 characters are teaming up for each play, the combination of 3 characters and the opponent's character combination changes the strategy in the game.

Each character has 7 active skills and 2 passive skills. Each character has different skills. Each active skills can be used with button combinations to activate skills. Passive skills are activated automatically when certain conditions are met.


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