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Cancelled Handheld Remakes

Screenshot from Nintendo DS Remake
Screenshot from Nintendo DS Remake
The news of this remake for the Nintendo Wii comes hot on the heels of a similar project for the Nintendo DS, announced at E3 in 2005. It went by the same name, was developed by Skyworks Technologies, a team helmed by David Crane and Garry Kitchen, and was thought to be published by Majesco Entertainment. The game had a drastically redesigned art style, and was set six years after the original, over which time the Evil Emperor of Blobolonia had been in exile on Earth building strength and hatching plans to enslave the population. Blobert then crash-landed his ship in search of The Boy, who after hanging out in the wrong, E-rated circles, had found himself "into pop music, and still into jelly beans". Features included fifteen different jelly beans and fifteen different levels with touchscreen-based inventory and map navigation, alongside a tutorial mode and blob customization. The game was rumored to be fully completed, but because of Majesco's poor financial situation, was in hiatus for the years that followed until it's subsequent cancellation in August 2007.

Another remake for the Game Boy Advance entitled A Boy and His Blob: Jelly's Cosmic Adventure was also scheduled for release in 2002, under development by Pipe Dream Interactive, an alias used by Majesco's in-house development team as few had faith in their success and didn't want to soil their name as a publisher. It was also cancelled, but much sooner in the process.

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