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This funnily named indie base jumping game from 2009 has been available in Steam for a good while now. As with many Steam indie games AaaaaA! has been in many sales as well. There was one such recently where I picked up my copy.

One of the cooler looking levels 
One of the cooler looking levels 

So base jumping simulator is the name of the game here. Player is controlling a jumper that is viewing the world from third person perspective. Goal is to jump from a highly elevated location, navigate through a different types of busy skyline and land on platform with parachute. And rinse and repeat.

Each jump is scored with points where the points are acquired by doing hugs and kisses. These are terms used for getting very close to a building or a structure. There is also various glass plates with different scores attached to them. The higher score the better stars ranking is given in the end. Star rankings unlock teeth's which are games currency that is used to open more levels.

Graphically game looks that glitchy first person shooter where you end up falling endlessly. In another words, not pretty. Levels are also crammed with different layers and patterns. At times giving very futuristic, even Matrix like look. In other words, the more action there is on the screen same the better the game looks. Looking at the structures individually game won't look particular nice. User interface, and the whole theme around the game revolves around a futuristic TV stations.

 One of the less cooler...
 One of the less cooler...

The user interface something very unique. And very confusing. Level selection is in form of round that tower that is build from TV screen blocks. Each block representing one level. There are also some bizarre video clips in these TV's. Such as grandmas baking tips or some other random craziness. Only adjacent levels can be unlocked although the order is not relevant. I understand that this is supposed to display the futuristic TV station of sort. Really bizarre art style, if you can call this art-style. Audio follows the same strangeness. Random TV chatter. Music in-game is extreme guitar based music. Or fake metal riffing which ever you prefer.

The odd look would be bearable if there would be a fun game included. As you can imagine the falling down is not very controlled. Quick reactions are required to dodge all the items floating around. Sense of character is non-existent. WASD keys or arrows are used to move the character around which is strange since the character can move to any direction but it is not possible to see/feel the jumpers shape

This one strange game and I really wanted to like it. The idea is great and the strange Matrix like levels are cool. Shame that the gameplay is so simple and uncontrolled. Buying this even for lowered price is not worth it. For cheap casual time-waster get Peggle Extreme instead, its free. 

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