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Funny Covers and/or Titles

Oh, I believe this is self-explanitory

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  • Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn son. His noggin's bigger than his scientifically enhanced world.

  • Hey, don't look at me! I refuse to switch to mechanical pencils.

  • Mine, too.

  • What were they thinking? The face, the hair, the car, And why is the R so special? Aren't flag wavers suppose to be hot chicks? No wonder this cover has fail written all over it.

  • "Mommy mommy! I brought some art supplies home from school and they came alive! The paint palette grew an arm out of it's chin and burst out of the schoolhouse roof along with the arcade cabinet, Mr. Slithers, a dresser that grew a pair of lips and was looking at me with such a lust-"

    "Honey, that's enough. You're going to make a great cover designer some day. In the meantime, lay off the pot."

  • I'm assuming Giana the first went and ate Giana the second after tripping on all those mushrooms. Also, titties? Really? Way to appeal to fake-women lovers who also can stand Super Mario Bros. rip-offs. Go lobster fights!

  • Where there are monkeys, there are bowls of fruit without bananas in them. Where there are bowls of fruit without bananas in them, there are creepy, rosy-cheeked kids clutching their nets not that far away. And where there are creepy, rosy-cheeked kids clutching their nets, there are gorillas in tutus lurking a breath away, staring on in passion.

  • Play as a young Andrew Dice Clay, the years before he dyed his hair. Even his toys wanted him taken down. Jerk.

  • If playing as a turtle didn't hurt this game enough, the look on the turtle's face certainly does. Look at that sucker slowly stick his arm out, knowing damn well that piece of molasses will never get there on time.

    Stay tuned for the next installment of the Simulation series- Field Track: Simulation starring the fastest slugs you'll ever know!

  • Where does one begin to describe how ludicrous this title is? You don't. You simply don't. It's a ridiculously hyped up anime/game/card duel/spit swapper/whatever. The box speaks for itself.

  • Yes mum, where's my pony?

  • I laughed so hard when I first read that title. Creative Adventure. Right.

  • Nothing quite says "save the day" like dancing. Just ask Mario.

  • Yes mum. I did it. You know what else I did? YOUR mum.

  • Oh dear lord.

  • That little girl does not need to put out. Why is she wearing that stuff?

  • The name is so...energetic, but the combination of the two is just stunning. GYM ROCKETEERS!

  • The fact that there's more than one of these is enough for it to be here.



  • I'm certain most everyone's familiar with this little diddy, so I'll just leave it to speak for itself.

  • I've never seen a title so long, yet so concise to the overall feeling to the game. Bravo, Badman, bravo. Also, great name, Badman. Guess EvilVillian51 was taken.

  • The alliteration in this title is vomit enhancing, but that should be expected for most games geared to girls. What shouldn't be expected is a party about their pie...and I should probably leave it at that.

  • The very first time I looked at this cover, I nearly freaked out. This man may be the nicest person on the face of the planet (I wouldn't know), but that facial expression should have never seen the light of day on a mere photo. Period. I understand that they wanted a face for people to latch onto to give this game credibility, but this can't be the man's best pose...can it?

  • I'm sure most everyone is familiar with this (eventually) classic title. Plants in the same thought or sentence as the word zombies never came up prior to this game. Why? Zombies eat brains, something plants usually don't possess (sorry Semore). At the time that I placed this title on this list, there was little to no information on this game, and it was absolutely inconceivable as to how the two entities could possibly be related. The thought of a plant defending itself against a zombie was as follows: plant says in ground- zombie steps on it. Zombie wins. Plant stays in pot- human throws pot at zombie. Zombie hopefully gets knocked cold. Plant still loses because it's now dead.

    Kamikaze sunflower, we shall mourn your loss.

  • When one thinks of Atlantis, the first thing that comes to mind is not fire, but miles and miles of water, otherwise known as the ocean...which is good that they placed a merman on the cover, but the deranged subject they chose is probably driving away tourism. Think about your economy, Atlantis. It needs a sound poster child.

  • Hey HEY! This is funky Penguin in De hiz-ouse! Why don't you slap me some skin, brotha, and keep these tanks of my new spankin' goggle, ya herd? Herd!

  • One great way to promote your game is to have a kid that's about to shit his pants out of fear drive his scooter in mid air, then slap that on the cover. It's a winner every time.

  • There's no reason that I should describe why this game is on this list. It's just great.

  • Could this guy's eyes look any more coked up? I hardly think so. And to think that the cover of this game was put to a vote, and one of the terrible ones one. This, is why you have your own people make your marketing decisions instead of your potential buyers. Say it with me: PO TEN TIAL BUY ERS

  • In this corner, is the screamer of screams, the master of mayhem, the Goliath of gaaaaaaaaaaah! He is The Wailer! And in this corner, decked in cool shades, baby fuzz, and a not so fine stance. Give it up for The Fonz!

  • Furries. That's all I have to say on this one.

  • Party Fun for All Ages including anyone over the age of 20 and of the Caucasian decent! That's still an age, right? Oh, whatever. We got women on the box, so no one will notice.

  • Atoe.

  • Did they really need to throw the name Jeopardy! in twice? Granted, it's already carved into the set, but don't you think the box art creator's would've taken that into account? Then again, with all the huge changes that must've altered the very essence of Jeopardy!, consumers would've been confused as to what this game could possibly be about.

  • "Just say no" sounds about right. Did they really have to stuff a tagline to get people to bite on this, too? "No one had the guts to look away from this atrocity...until now."

  • Hey, Mr. Pants. Where'd your pants go?...No, really. You and your eccentric posse may be all cool with your red undies hanging out everywhere, but in these E game parts, men require pants in order to interact with the little ones.

  • I...err...what? The chef and he jumps and the thing next to the bowl's in a can wearing a can, and there's a screw trying to get in the bowl. No wonder that tofu blob is angry. The diversity is maddening. Just let your bowl kin dine on the kamikaze chef and everything will be A OK in the morning.

  • "You know what boys? I don't think we showed how happy our characters really could be when we last did this game, you know what I mean?"

    "...alright. How should we fix this?"

    "Let's take a race scene, throw in some bright, pearly whites on the characters, and call it a day. And I mean some REAL chompers, mack. Make sure Diddy's up front-center"

    "You want me to give Diddy an oversized grin?"

    "Yes. And Tiptup, too"

    "...the turtle?"

    "Haven't you ever heard of snapping turtles?"

    "And I suppose you want me to smack some dentures into Bumper's piehole while we're at it?"

    "Don't be stupid. Badgers don't have teeth. They don't even eat."

  • For the weird machine that's unfathomably prepared for bug eradication whilst perching on a sunny, green petaled flower over the rainbow, grab Pssst.

    ...that robot must be destroying the world with that flower. Must be.

  • For a game called Shadow Madness, it's sure lacking in either shadows or madness.

  • That man, screaming to the left? He's the same man that finds that stick to be irritating.

  • That robot sure does love his tangrams, just as much as that lion loves children.

  • When I think of a statement that ends in "of steel," something as fragile as eggs does not come to mind. That must be why the egg is garbed in a redneck-y plumber/construction worker's outfit.

    I would honestly not expect a disc to be in the box of this game.

  • There's nothing exploding in this picture, especially not this WORLD KARATE CHAMPION's fist. Shocking disappointment.

  • I can't believe what I'm staring at. Not sure what's a worse thought: the fact that the pony has a crown, that the pony has a ribbon that says "Miss," or what the beauty pageant stage must look like. Think about that last one for a moment. You'll get it.

  • Déjà Vu: A Nightmare Comes True. The sky is blue. This day, I'll rue. That's a photo of you. Oh no, it's true! That lady's there, too. that a grue? No, that's just Drew. Oh...phew. Hey, is that J-Crew?

  • What's wrong with octopi? Racists.

  • Hmmm...

  • Lew wants a word with you behind the shed ;)

  • It's hard to say no to a guy with a jackhammer. That is a jackhammer, right?

  • All the traits a woman could want in a man.

  • The most riveting experience of the twentieth century!

  • The second most riveting experience of the twentieth century!

  • There's little wonder in why this title was canceled. Clearly, the protagonist was ripped from Gardiner's Top Secret.


  • I'm not sure which I find more bizarre: The fact that Jerry Rice went seriously into dog football or that look he has on his face on the corner of the box. Stop nibbling Nitus' kibble, Rice.

  • His red, luscious claws make me want to tear him apart and devour him like he did the sailor he stole that outfit from.

  • This is a classic in more ways than one