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    Aeon is a character in Castlevania Judgment. He wields a sword with a built-in clock that displays thirteen hours and is the first person met by the characters pulled into the time rift.

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    Aeon is a character that appears in the game Castlevania Judgment. His origins are unknown, but he is gifted with the power to travel through and manipulate time. When he and the other characters become trapped within the time rift by the Time Reaper's actions, he sets a plan in motion to defeat the Time Reaper by collecting each fighter's soul key. When all thirteen soul keys are in his possession, he is able to open the way to the Time Reaper. In each character's story mode, Aeon appears as both the first opponent fought, and once all of the soul keys have been collected, the final opponent prior to the Time Reaper.

    Aeon's weapon is a unique sword with a thirteen-hour clock built into its hilt. During the second story mode battle against him, each of the soul keys are fit into the rim of the clock along each hour. His Hyper Move stops time, allowing him to make a comment on his opponent's future or path in life before restarting time to deal significant damage.

    Aeon should not be confused with the entirely different character of the same name that appears in Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia.


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